When Is It Time To Replace Your Garden Fence?

Garden fences are brilliant additions to any home when they are looked after and incorporated in the right way. It’s no exaggeration to say that they can quite literally change your life.

Unfortunately, garden fences are often underappreciated, seen only as a bit of border control rather than the stylistic and impressionable features that they ultimately are. The lack of respect came to a head in 2014, where a national shortage led to a considerable 30% price hike for all. It even led to the thefts of panels from some people’s gardens…

Therefore, it’s worth thinking about garden fences with greater admiration and attention for detail. When could it be time for you to replace yours and start anew? Read on after the jump for some prompts.

Rot and Mould
Fences take a great deal of punishment as the years go by, battered by strong winds and foul weathers day in, day out. These experiences undoubtedly leave their mark, which can fester overtime too.

Because of this, it’s unreasonable to expect them to last for an untold number of decades. Wear and tear is to be expected in all things, and much of it is fixable at the start, but as time pushes on odd problems start becoming more irksome to deal with, especially with the sheer persistence of things like rot and mould. Simply put, an old fence will wither and decay at a more frequent rate than any newer iteration of fencing.

A pristine overhaul will just keep all the maintenance concerns off your back for a longer period. While some people have truly bizarre reactions to finding mould atop fence posts, others would rather just do away with the problem quickly and quietly when these matters have stretch on longer than they reasonably should. There’s no shame in that, and you’re not defeated in yearning for a refresh.

Contemporary Updates
Fences are a part of the aesthetic of your garden, just the same as your plants, sheds, and outdoor furniture are.

If you want to update your garden and bring its look into the modern day, then the fences will require an overhaul too. Fortunately, you can make these changes quickly and effectively with the help of Buy Fencing Direct, who specialise in providing contemporary-looking fences, panels, and supplies from trusted brands like Forest Garden. All prices are guaranteed to be low here, and all their timber is sourced from professionally managed forests for optimum quality.

A lovely garden hemmed in by an ugly fence is a disappointing sight to behold, so it’s important there is some stylistic consistency throughout the space. You could consider custom picket fencing, as this can perpetuate the contemporary theme you’re going for, and can even be an introduction of sorts if you or someone you know is entering your property from the backdoor. So, be sure to pick out something that will really accentuate what you’re trying to achieve.

Security Concerns
Fences are your first line of defence, and if they are broken or easily bypassed then your property is compromised. There are some issues here that repairs alone can’t solve either. 
Unfortunately, there have been rising rates in dog thefts in recent times, with many thieves snatching the pooches from the garden areas when they’re unsupervised by their owners. It’s a very sorry state of affairs, but a fence that blocks off the view into your garden from the outside might be a sufficient preventive measure too.

Lost pets aren’t solely down to thieves either. Larger dogs can easily jump a low fence, and smaller creatures like rabbits can potentially crawl or burrow under the flimsier varieties too. Therefore, it may be in your interests to counter these issues by investing in stronger, taller fences. Doing so should remove many pet-related worries from your mind.

Privacy is an exceptionally fine thing also, and not everybody wants to live in their property as if they’re a spectacle for the masses to ogle at. If your fence is a bit low and doesn’t really shield you or your fellow occupants from view, a taller fence might help.

The Leaning Fence
There is no greater sign that a fence is on its last legs than when its hopelessly drooping to the earth, begging for the sweet release of retirement.

Repairs are of course possible here, but sometimes, its blatantly clear when the fence has had its day. The fence blowing down in a storm is one thing that can be reversed, but when fence posts are crumbling away and the broken boards are splintered on the ground from even the most delicate breeze, there’s really nothing else to feasibly do but say farewell to the fence.

Ultimately, you can’t paint over a fence that its past its prime, nor can you prop it up with a post if its intent on giving up. Everything has its time, so if repairs have been more timely and costly than they’re ultimately worth, then it may be time to replace it with one that readily stands to attention.


  1. I'd love to update the fence on my front garden but sadly one set of neighbours will not have anything to do with anything new, smart or up to date - even when I offered to pay. :(

  2. Nothing like a new fence to spruce a garden up a bit.

  3. I knew mine needed replacing when 2 panels blew away.

  4. Our fences are looking a bit worn I must admit.