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    Aura Print Business Card Review

    As a blogger there are certain things that we use almost every day and others that we only use / need every so often. For example, every day I send emails and most days I send at least one invoice. Business cards are not an essential item for us and unlike other businesses, we probably won’t hand them out as often but they do make it easier to network when at press events and conferences. I also think it makes you look more professional when someone asks for your details and you can give them one of your professionally printed cards rather than a tatty piece of paper with your…

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    Budget Friendly Packed Lunches from Jack’s Supermarket

    Advertorial Feature With schools going back last week, I am slowly getting back into the routine of getting the kids up, making packed lunches, and doing the school run. These last few months have been a hard slog, so it’s nice to get back into some form of routine. With this in mind, Jack’s Supermarket have recently launched a ‘Homeschool Fuel Inspiration’ meal plan where you could pick up breakfast, snacks and lunch items for one child for 5 days for under £15. Great for helping to get back into a routine again, knowing you have all the kid’s food ready for the week, and to show that meal planning on a…

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    Birthday Celebrations With Moonpig

    Unlike every other year, this year being hit by Covid means that we’d had to change, not only how we spend our days, but how we see each other. And like many things, birthdays just haven’t been the same as we can’t celebrate together, or as we usually would.  Having a big family means that I usually spend a lot of my time searching for the perfect birthday gifts and constantly on the lookout for what each of my family members would like. From cards right to gifts, each and every person is different and so I like to make sure I cater to what each and every one of them likes.…

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    Ethical Shopping With Wearth London

    When it comes to style, our love or fast fashion and the ease of being able to change up our wardrobes at the drop of a hat might sound ideal, but it really effects the planet, and if you’re wanting to be more ethical, choosing brands that are sustainable is the way to go.  Wearth was launched in 2017 and is the place to be if you’re looking for sustainable fashion. Partnering with over 250 independent UK brands that all make contemporary eco-friendly and ethical products, making it easier for you to shop and live more consciously. Their site host a whole range of products, and brands. From natural beauty products,…

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    Budget Friendly Shopping At Jack’s Supermarket

    As a mum of 3 children, I know just how hard it can be to budget when you go shopping, so when I was invited to try out a brand new discount chain store, Jack’s Supermarket, I couldn’t wait to see how it compared, in quality and budget, and whether I could use their products to create a lovely recipe for my family. Jack’s Supermarket may be relatively new but it is actually part of the Tesco family, named after Tesco’s founder Jack Cohen, and now has 12 stores across the country. They’re passionate about working with and supporting hundreds of regional farmers, growers and producers. That’s why, 100% of their…

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    TwelveBelow | The Low Sugar, Low Calorie Tonics

    When it comes to enjoying a drink or two of an evening, I must confess that I am super fussy with what I like in my glass. As someone who grew up in pubs, with publican parents, I got to know early on about mixing drinks, what works and what doesn’t, and the difference between cheaper and premium drinks.  For me, I’ve always loved two spirits, vodka and spiced rum, and which I drink differs based on the mood I’m in. What I drink with them is a whole other ball game though, as I like like my vodka drinks light, but my rum drinks deeper and with a good…

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    September Favourites – Back Into The Real World

    Let’s be honest here, this year has been a total washout. For 6 months, we’ve stayed home, stayed safe, and spent many a day baking, eating, and sitting around complaining about Covid-19 and how we’ve not been able to do anything.  Now we seem to be coming out the other side, somewhat, I decided to write up my favourites post with a bit of an angle of items for going back into the real world. I mean, I don’t know about you but I got so used to being at home, that I am not much prepared for going outdoors. Back to school. This month sees the kids go back…

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    Getting Ready For High School With Treads Shoes

    It’s safe to say that this school year has been pretty much a wash out as most children have been home from March onward. For T, with this being his last year of primary school, it was made worse by the fact that he didn’t get to see his school friends, his teachers and or school, for those last few months. What’s more, it also meant that he hasn’t been ale to do transition days, visit his new school, or prepare much, in any way, for his start in high school. Luckily his high school have been great, offering videos and information on their website so that he could see…

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    How To Look After Children’s Teeth

    Are you looking for some advice on how best to look after children’s teeth? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The importance of children’s teeth cannot be understated, and I think a lot of parents don’t understand the importance until too late. Establishing a good oral health routine sooner rather than later is a great way to teach children good habits and is a huge benefit for their general health and well-being also. There are many ways in which you can look after your children’s teeth – it’s easier than you might think too. It’s just a case of starting early and persisting. Here are a couple of…

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    Finding A Good Quality Wine Is Easy With Independent Wines

    You know what it’s like, you pop to the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine, and then you get to the alcohol isle to be met with rows of generic branded wine, and don’t have a clue which are meant to be any good, or which you should be getting to pair with your meal.  Enter, Independent Wine which is an online store, who bring exceptional wine to the forefront for those of us who want that top notch wine but don’t have the time to search for it. Their online range is made up of a hand-picked selection of some UK exclusive and award winning wines, all of outstanding quality.…

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