What to Wear This Summer

woman walking on beach wearing a white floral dress

With summer fast approaching, it is time to have a look at your social calendar for the months ahead and have a think about what outfits you are going to wear. For many of us, the thought of finding the right outfit after so long at home in loungewear can be anxiety-provoking. But with the world opening back up again, it is important that you do not hide away at home simply because your wardrobe isn’t up to scratch.

So, we have put together this helpful guide of what to wear this summer. No matter what the occasion (or the weather!) we can help you put together the perfect outfit which will help your wardrobe come back with a bang.

When out for brunch

While you may know what to wear when the dress code is set for you, for more casual occasions such as a brunch date with your friends finding the right outfit can be a bit more difficult. This is the sort of event that you want to make an effort for but also want to keep casual. The first thing you should remember when it comes to a summer brunch outfit is that you need to make sure you are comfortable. It can be all too tempting to wear a dress that is restrictive and looks great. However, this could be a decision you could later regret after a meal out.

Brunch offers you the perfect opportunity to combine a comfortable but fashionable outfit that reflects your personality. For example, if you are a casual and cute kind of person then you may decide to go for a summer maxi dress, denim jacket, and flat shoes. Or if you want to ramp it up a bit then you may go for a smart blouse with heels. Either way, make sure that you feel comfortable so that you can focus your attention on catching up with your pals instead of whether you should undo your top button!

When at a summer wedding

Finding the right outfit for a wedding can be far from straightforward, especially when there are so many clothing rules to adhere to. Not only should you never wear white to a wedding, but you also don’t want to upstage the bride by going over the top either. Weddings can be long days, so you need to think about this when putting your outfit together. For example, if the weather is going to be nice, then you need to ensure that you wear something cool, and perhaps take a jacket in case it gets colder later in the evening.

While you may prefer to wear heels to make your outfit look a bit dressier, you should also consider popping a pair of flats in your bag. Even if this sounds a bit much, by 10pm your feet will thank you for it.

When at home relaxing

Just because lockdown is coming to an end and summer is on its way doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some relaxing days in the comfort of your own home. While thick knit jumpers and loungewear were the perfect clothes to wear around the house, in summer it can get a bit too hot. So we recommend that you invest in some stylish summer house pieces, such as women co-ord sets. Not only are they super comfortable to wear and will keep you cool on a hot day, but they are also stylish enough that you don’t have to quickly change if someone knocks on your door or drops by unannounced.

When at garden parties

With some restrictions on social activity still in place, more people are swapping their indoor events for garden parties this summer. So we recommend that you have a few outfits up your sleeve ready for any occasion. Garden party outfits are pretty straightforward as you can wear whatever makes you feel the best. Whether you prefer a midi dress and sandals or a pair of denim shorts with a floral top tucked in, a garden party gives you the freedom to wear anything. However, we do recommend that you take a jacket with you for later in the evening as even the warmest days can start to get chilly.

When on date night

The concept of a date night may feel a little strange after the last 12 months, but do not panic if you have a date evening scheduled. Forever Unique has a range of different date night outfits that you can wear when out with your other half. From the classic little black dress to a floral smock midi, you can wear whatever makes you look and feel great this summer.

Finding the right outfit for you to wear this summer doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think, and by following our tips and advice you can have a range of stylish options to suit any occasion.

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Top 4 Mistakes Bloggers Make

a woman writing in a notebook with a cup in her other hand

A Statista survey reveals that 40% of UK bloggers have approximately 1000 web guests and 10,000 visitors on their platforms monthly. That is a huge number to consider when you’re managing your blog. Unfortunately, Statista also discovered that more bloggers commit avoidable mistakes. Hopefully, you will learn to avoid these mistakes as you read on.

Ignoring SEO

Unfortunately, this is a topical area some bloggers seem to ignore. If you knew the benefits SEOs bring to your blog, you wouldn’t toy with this impressive marketing tool. For example, optimising your blog builds traffic to your site, improves profit margins and increases your online rankings. Indeed, search engine optimisation may seem like an arduous online task reserved for an SEO Company. However, you will find it valuable to learn all you can about it.

Irregular or infrequent posting

As a blogger, it’s essential to post high-quality and engaging content to wow the public frequently. Unfortunately, some bloggers fall short of this essential requirement because they believe that not many people will notice their inconsistency. It’s better to set regular posting schedules whether your blog is read or not. By doing this, you would set a consistent trait your readers will associate you with.

Depending on the type of blog yours is, a maximum of four or five new posts weekly is enough to generate and sustain interest. However, if your blog borders more on an entertainment angle, you should be ready to write approximately ten posts per week due to its vibrancy and naturally appealing element to human psychology.

Choosing a blog name with no growth prospects

First of all, the blog name you chose for your platform must last for the entire period you intend to run it. It must be a well-thought-through name able to accommodate growth and brand expansion. For example, if you decided to start a blog to document your trip in Spain and therefore chose the name ‘SpainDiaries,’ how does that continue when you return to your home country? Does that spell an end to the blog? These are critical factors to consider before running with a blog name.

Not getting self-hosted

To some extent, people may understand why you chose a free hosting account if your blog is just for friends and family. However, if you meant for your blog to be on a broader scale, a free hosting account doesn’t cut it. Your best deal is to get self-hosted. According to experts, it is best to do this initially to avoid the inconvenience of moving your content from one platform to the other. In addition, self-hosting holds more benefits and opportunities than a free account. Moreover, if you want your readers to regard you as a professional blogger, self-hosting is the way to go.

In conclusion, although the above is not an exhaustive list, it gives you a fair idea of mistakes to avoid as a blogger. Furthermore, never underestimate your reading audience. Thanks to digital literacy, people are more discerning about what an excellent blog must be.

*This is a collaborative post*


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