16 July 2018

Glossybox Goes Under The Sea

Each month, I have started receiving a Glossybox to help fill up my make up collection. You'll have noticed that I have been sharing photos of my boxes over on Instagram. I enjoy the excitement each month of wondering what will be inside from one month to the next. It's given me a chance to try new make up techniques, new brands and Google what you have to do with some of the items - I'm a make up noob! 

This month, the guys over at Glossybox have sent me an extra box to give away to one of my lucky blog readers. The Under The Sea box is a special for this month and comes with a special design box.

The Results Of My Silk'n Lipo Trial

Over the past couple of month I have been trying to combat my body issues with Silk'n Lipo to see if I can gain body confidence in myself. I have always had issues with my body and these became more prevalent once I had children. 

It has left me feeling low at times. Sometimes not wanting to wear tight clothing, or clothing that will show off those parts pf my body. So when I had the chance to try out the Silk'n Lipo in a 10 week trial I thought it was great to see if I could finally gain some confidence in myself.

4 Ways To Keep Your Car Running And On The Road For Longer

Owning a car can have its positives and negatives - on one hand, it gives you freedom to go wherever you want to without waiting for public transport, but on the other hand, if you don't maintain it, fixing a car can become expensive. 

Maintaining a family car is important, as a neglected vehicle can cause serious issues and be dangerous. So, here are my 4 ways of maintaining a car to keep it safe and running for longer...

15 July 2018

Our 10 Year Anniversary And We're Finally Having A Honeymoon

At the end of this month we will have been married for 10 long years. To be honest, it seems to have flown by in a shot. A click of the fingers and we have a house, 3 children and yearly holidays abroad. 

10 years ago though, things looked different for us. I was made redundant 2 month before our wedding and so it was spent with a lot of worry wondering how we would even afford the wedding, never mind a honeymoon. 

5 Ways You Can Replace A Broken Appliance

We all know how something breaks just as you've got the monthly bills sorted. You know what it's like, money sorted, spare to take the kids out and then the washer gives up, the laptop starts flickering or the dreaded car breaks down and you're left wondering where the money is coming from to replace or fix it.

I know this all too well. We seem to have no luck with appliances, and so as soon as we replace one, another starts to give up. So, I thought I'd write about what you can do when a breakage happens. Here are my 5 ways...