5 Brilliant Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

Who says boys’ bedrooms can’t be stylish yet practical? Having 3 sons, I've had to go through a lot of designs over the years,to work out what is best for them. I've selected a few of my favourite ideas, schemes and tips for boys’ bedrooms that look great while remaining practical. 

Bunk up the colours
Traditional colour palettes such as blues and reds are the classic option when it comes to decorating a boy bedroom. But zingy yellows can look a little different if you're daring to be bold. Change up the normal by painting bunk beds in a standout colour to make them a cheery focal point. Or go for a low key background colour on the walls so that bright furniture and accessories can take centre stage.


Pink Clove | I Love a Good Patterned Print in Clothing

When it comes to buying clothing, I'm usually a lover of plain patterns and basic colours so I don't stand out from the crowd. But I realised that if I'm wanting to gain body confidence in my own skin, then I need to make an effort, and the fact that some patterns can actually help disguise those bit of the body that we have problems with. 

I have recently been sent a couple of items from Pink Clove to show off how you can wear patterns beautifully. Pink Clove is home to a fantastic range of clothing in plus sizes - around 16-28, although a few items are available in 14 too. They take latest influential trends from the catwalks and redesign these to flatter the fuller figure.


My 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you've been together for a long time, like my husband and I - 14 years and still going strong-ish - then you'll know that after the first couple of years, Valentine's Day doesn't factor in as an important day any more. 

It's not all about the big gestures and romance in abundance, it's about knowing what each other likes and going with that. So this year I thought I would write about the best items to buy to celebrate Valentine's when you've been together an age.


Everything you ever wanted to know about spam filters

The amount of times I've emailed a person, a brand, a client, and not got a response until maybe a month or so later, when they tell me I've entered their spam folder. When your emails start going into the spam folder, it can be hard to get out of, unless that person lets their email provider know, by clicking the 'not spam' tab, that you're not in fact spam. It seems to be the black hole of the email universe, and when it comes to email marketing, the spam folder is the last place you want your emails to land. 

Many a time I've missed an important campaign because my emails have wondered off into the wrong folder, so it not only affects marketing but potential work for us why rely on email for our clients too. For me, email is such an important aspect of my job and so it's paramount that my emails are delivered to the correct place.


Alternative Valentine's gestures that will revive your love life

We’ve just finished giving gifts to our loved ones for Christmas, but in a few weeks, we’ll be doing it all over again for Valentine’s Day. But unlike the general love for Christmas, Valentine’s Day has developed something of a ‘trendy’ dislike — 52% of consumers say they think the day is a waste of money, and 81% reckon the day is far too commercial these days.

Yet, despite the apparent public fatigue with Valentine’s Day, we all seem to be engaging with the day to some degree. In fact, Valentine’s gift spending is actively increasing year on year, with 2018’s Valentine’s gift sales hitting £650 million in the UK, up from £620 million in 2017 and £470 million in 2016.