16 November 2018

How to Book a Relaxing Family Holiday This Winter

Want to escape the cold and rain this year and catch some winter sun? Family holidays are a time to create memories and take photos that you and your kids will cherish forever. However, it can also be tiring, stressful, and far from relaxing when you're chasing little people around a new town or city.

You might think that now you have children, your days of luxuriating on the beach have passed. However, with the right planning and preparation, there’s no reason you can’t sneak in some quality “you time" that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged when you land back home.

If you want to book a (genuinely) relaxing family holiday this winter, then follow these three top tips.

15 November 2018

First-time cruisers packing guide

With three children continually vying for my attention, the idea of getting away from it all and going on a cruise is very appealing. The idea of packing for one, however, can be overwhelming. There's a lot to consider – the weather, for starters. As a cruise takes you to lots of different destinations, the weather may change during the trip, so you’ll need to take this into consideration.

Then there's the cruise ship's dress code. Will you need to dress casual, smart casual and formal? And what about swim and sportswear for days by the pool?

12 November 2018

Creating a Grey and White Modern Family Bathroom

Grey bathrooms are having a renaissance right now - this delightful tone is the colour trend of the decade and can make a bathroom look super modern if used correctly. Using pale greys can look too cold and dark greys will appear too black, but getting the right colourway will give you a gorgeous room to relax in after a hard day. 

What I personally love about grey, is that it can be combined with different colours to really make the room pop. If paired with the right hues it can really make a designer scheme, give a calming effect, and add extra punch to your design.

9 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide For Bloggers

I don't know about you, but I love to receive gifts that have actually had some thought put into them - it makes it all the more special. And so when people buy me gifts that are perfect for my blogging escapades, I know that they have thought about what I do and actually listened to what I need. 

So here is my 2018 Christmas gift guide for bloggers...

Christmas Gift Guide for Children 10 and Under

I adore Christmas and have done since I was a child. It's such an important day for children as they are on their best behaviour, waiting for the big man to come a deliver their presents. Opening presents to see what they've got and then spending the rest of the day waiting for parents to build the damn things!

Today I wanted to show what is on offer this year and so this is my 2018 Christmas Gift Guide For children under 10...