What is a Modern Pergola?

a modern pergola
I’m sure you know what a traditional pergola is but what is a modern pergola? I’ve recently found out about these and needed to share them with you. I’ve always wanted to have a pergola in my back garden but never thought they were practical enough for “sunny” England.

Why would I install a traditional pergola in my garden if it’s always raining? I dreamt of having a pergola that could still give me shade but also protection from the rain, so I could use my back garden no matter what. This is where modern pergolas come in – the innovative version of traditional pergolas that allow you to properly enjoy your outdoor space.

What You Can Do With Shipton Mill Flour

It doesn’t seem like long ago that all the flour shelves at the supermarket were empty. Still can’t believe that, and don’t get me started about the scarce of toilet paper… Anyway, during those strange flourless months when everyone had the baking bug (me included!), I found myself searching online for any flour I could find. It was then that I came across Shipton Mill flour at Springvale Foods.

Are You Financially Stable to Have a Baby?

a woman holding a newborn baby's feet in her hands

It’s no secret that having a baby is expensive. It’s best to be in a good financial position before you begin having children. On average, in the UK, it costs a whopping £231,843 to raise a child to adulthood – according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research. You need to think past the first year of having a child and prepare for your baby’s future as well.

It can be overwhelming to think so far in advance and to see such enormous financial figures. Here are a few ways to make a financial plan for your family so that you can enjoy the best bits of being a parent.


How to make more money from blogging

You might have been making some little bits of money here and there from display ads and affiliate marketing but now you want to take your blog to the next level. I get it. Blogging is a great hobby but who wouldn’t want to make money from something they love to do? You might want some extra cash for your monthly grocery shopping, a romantic getaway or you might want to set up a piggy bank to save for your kid’s futures – either way, I’ve put together some ways to make more money from blogging.

Essential Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

Have you ever had to ask your neighbours for their screwdriver? Have you ever had to ask your handy friend for their wrenches? I know this too well, unfortunately. However, when I moved into my first home (a few years ago now), I decided to get a toolbox. Did I know what I needed? No. Did I know what I was doing? No. But I got a few different tools and then, if I needed another tool, I’d get it.

You might be on the same boat as I was a few years ago. You might want to buy a few tools but have no idea what you could need. You might not know that you need some tools but believe me, you do – whether you own or rent a house, something’s bound to break or need fixing. If it’s a small task you can do it, so it’s essential to have a few tools at hand.