Festive Films To Watch Over The Christmas Period

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I mean, what's not to love. We get mega food, mega drinks and plenty of fun. Watching the children open presents, eating a big feast with the family, and winding down to watch the Queen's Speech. It's such a beautiful time of year. 

And then there's the Christmas movies which are always shown, and loved, at this time of year. I love that Christmas movies are all centred around children and how they make Christmas extra special. Showing the miracle of Christmas, and usually with a bit of comedy thrown in. 


5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can be a whirlwind, a shock and such an amazing time. But it can be hard too if, like me, you suffer with hyperemesis gravidarum. Those first few weeks of pregnancy can be gone in a flash, with many people not actually knowing they are pregnant till they are around 6 weeks gone, or even further. 

As a mother of 3 children, and having begin pregnancy 5 times, I know the signs of early pregnancy all too well. In fact, with my forth pregnancy, I knew I was pregnant just by the fact that I felt nauseous when walking down a certain aisle in the supermarket. There are many early signs though, and I thought I'd write about a few that are most common.


Choosing The Right College Course For You

I remember back when I was in my last year of school, thinking about what I wanted to be when I left school, and not having a clue. Choosing a course, or courses, to study can be tough, especially when there are so many on offer. Here are a few tips and some advice to help make this decision seem less daunting.

4 Things You Need To Think About When You're Self-Employed

One of the main benefits of becoming self-employed is the ease in which you can start up and run your own business. And sometimes from your own home, depending on what you're going to be doing, that is. To help you understand some of the most important issues that there might be, and things you'll need to do, here are 4 tips for going self-employed and things you need to think about when doing so.


Tips From My Time Spent In The Personal Injury Sector

Before I had children, became self-employed and starting working on various websites, my main job was in the personal injury sector. I start out as an office junior and ended doing various legal secretary roles, as well as admin duties too. So I've learnt a few things over the years of doing this and thought I'd give some tips on what to do, and how to proceed, when you need to claim for personal injury. 

You've got to remember that accidents can happen to anyone, at any time, and dealing with the consequences of one can be overwhelming. Especially when the law comes into it if you're claiming for personal injury, but it's important to stay calm and do what is right for you.