20 November 2018

Things To Do At Christmas In Liverpool

Over the past few years, we have visited Liverpool quite a few times. Partly because there is so much to do there and it's such a beautiful city, but mostly because my husband is a mega Liverpool football fan and likes to visit the city of the team he loves as much as possible.

Liverpool at Christmas is a whole new ball game though. It seems like Liverpool comes alive at Christmas time. I mean, I've never seen so many lights and sparkle - it's so festive, so pretty and just shines with glamour. 

If you are sat wondering if Liverpool is a place to visit this Christmas, then the answer is definitely, yes! And here are just a couple of the places you should visit...

Why Road Trip Holidays Are The Best Way To See Europe

When you're a commuter, driving can become a chore, but it doesn't need to be. It can be a brilliant way to explore a landscape and enjoy the sights as you go. And a great way to view those sights that you'd usually miss by flying or by whizzing past by train.

Europe is home to some of the most iconic drives the world has to offer and The Scenic Edit road trip guide explores six of the most scenic routes. Covering the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse in Austria, right to the road from Spoleto to Norcia in Italy.

19 November 2018

Our Visit To The Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary

A few weeks back, we were invited over to the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary, and it was great timing as we were actually over at the coast on holiday at the time. We have previously visited Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary before and the boys loved it so much that it was great to go back and see if there were any new sights. 

We were invited as part of their half-term A-scarium fun.  A-scarium is an immersive trail which takes you past some of the creepiest sea creatures. For a limited time only ofbeing during the school holidays, five potion ingredients will be hidden in various tanks throughout the A-scarium, and it was up to us to find them.

18 November 2018

Christmas Gift Guide | Personalised Gifts

Bored of buying the same old stocking fillers? Struggling to come up with yet more interesting ideas for Christmas presents? Personalised gifts are a great way to combat this, and what could be more special than a gift that's totally personal? From names to dates, there's nothing someone won't want if their name is on it. 

So, here is my personalised gifts round up in my Christmas gift guide for 2018...

17 November 2018

How We've Changed Food In The Travel Industry

There are a few things that go without saying when getting on-board any transport. Obviously, the first thing is that you’ve definitely forgotten something - be it your phone charger, toothbrush, or your socks. And mainly, you'll be the one sat near that annoying kid that likes kicking seats! And lastly, the food is probably going to be awful... or is it?

Travel food, and more specifically airline food, has long held a reputation for being sub-par at best. But I think our modern day era has changed this somewhat, and although you'll definitely not be getting fine dining at 37,000 feet, you will now get something that is actually edible and something that the kids will devour too.