UK Bloggers Mother's Day Prize Bundle Giveaway

With Mother's Day just around the corner, and Covid very much still around, it's safe to say we'll be having a very different celebration that normal. Instead of a big family meal, treating mum as a family, and visiting people, it'll be online chats, gifting through the post, or a socially distanced meet. I guess we've got to count ourselves lucky that we're here, we're healthy, and we're able to celebrate Mother's Day, even if it wont be how we want it to be.

50 UK bloggers have come together to offer one lucky winner a bundle of incredible prizes! We will be announcing the winner on Mother's Day so what a wonderful surprise for one lucky winner or the lucky winner's mum! With such a variety of prizes this is also an amazing Mother's Day Gift Guide to help you get ideas and inspiration for presents this Mother's Day.

6 Simple and Enjoyable Ways to Bond with Your Children

Technology and busy lifestyles have become a thorn in the flesh for most families. With parents juggling jobs, children lost in their devices, rarely do family members find time to bond. All in all, the family remains the backbone of society.

From a strong co-existence at home, it is easier for individuals to fit and relate better with others. Here are six simple tips on how parents can help build fulfilling relationships with their children.


Levitating Décor is the Future of Interior Design (and it’s Already Here)

Over the last few years, interior design has trended towards the past more than the present. With cottage, vintage, and retro taking the spotlight, we half expected 2021 to be the year of medieval-chic.


Comfy, Casual And Stylish Looks As We Emerge Out Of Lockdown

We are living through a period of time that is unlike any other. The global Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically shifted the way in which we go about our day-to-day lives, and there is little doubt that, going forward, at least parts of our existence are going to change for ever. There will never be a chance to go back to our old normal lives, and forever more, we'll have a 'new normal' that we'll all just get used to over time. 

When it comes to the fashion industry and, more specifically, the way we, as consumers, shop and choose what we pull out of our wardrobes each morning, the experience of living through a government-imposed lockdown could very well alter our perspective on dressing for the foreseeable future.


Tips For Livening Up Your Garden During Winter

Winter can seem like the worst enemy of a lush and lovely garden, and it might appear that there’s nothing you can really do in yours except wait for the spring.

However, there’s plenty you can do, so it’s time to set that sense of futility aside and get to work! Winter isn’t over until late March, so until that time, a bit of effort in the garden area certainly wouldn’t go amiss. But what ideas should you keep in mind here?