When Should You Apply To Extend A Visa?


Two toy figures with suitcase stood on top of a passport

How to extend discretionary leave to remain? Has your visa expired, however, you would like to remain in the country? Lots of individuals find themselves in this place. They do not want to return to their home country, so they need to apply for entry clearance so they can subsequently have a possibility of coming back. Other individuals have created their life and also a family in the nation and don't want to give this up. There are then people that desire a better standard of living. There are numerous motives for desiring to stay once your visa has expired, and the great news is if this applies to you then you might have your wishes granted by applying for discretionary leave to remain. Keep reading to find out more regarding the procedure and ways to remain in the nation with this particular application...


8 Best water sports to try at Santorini

A street in AKROTIRI, Santorini

Santorini is known worldwide for its absolutely heart-stopping sunsets. However, the Queen of the Cyclades also welcomes visitors to pristine, crystalline waters. Combined with the volcanic landscape (both above the water and below), wild beauty, and the unique scenery that characterises the island, one can understand that any kind of water sport gets a different flair than anywhere else. For that reason, you will find plenty of water sports facilities along the Santorini coastline offering lessons, equipment, and guidance. Even if you are an amateur, trying a water sport will make your Santorini luxury holidays the most complete experience! Here are some ideas to boost your Santorini endeavours.

You Know You are Addicted to Gaming When…

Two people playing a football video game on a PS4

I can’t lie, our house is a house full of gamers and we are addicts. We have multiple consoles in the household and some of us have more than one console (cough, cough it might be me *full disclosure* ok you twisted my arm, I admit it. It’s me) and we all love nothing better than to lose ourselves in our favourite games. We are not alone in our love of gaming as most of our family and friends love their games too and by looking on social media and YouTube you can see that there are even more people out there who are love their games too.


Parental Pointers To Ensure Take Off On Your Child's Overseas Studies

As parents, our ability to support our children’s lifestyle choices is imperative to developing decent relationships and generally doing the right thing. Sometimes, this support comes in the shape of small gestures, like accepting questionable style choices. Other times, it relates to bigger-hitting topics, such as educational decisions like a desire to study abroad, which can often come out of the left field, and isn’t always as easy to adapt to.

3 long-lasting improvements to your body

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‘Get that beach body ready this summer’ is a common marketing phrase you’ll hear all summer-long. Not only is it an unrealistic pitch for anyone whose work commitments preclude a vigorous exercise routine, but it glosses over the fact that a ‘beach body’ is a depressingly temporary feature that’s nearly impossible to maintain.