What Should the Best Man Wear?

In a couple of month's time, a family friend will be getting married, with my husband being the best man, and this got me thinking about the big day. Weddings are about the couple who standing up there, at the altar. The bride's gorgeous flowing gown, the groom's dapper suit, and flowers aplenty. 

Few consider the best man though. That man who is not only entrusted with holding the rings, but also making sure the groom shows up, doesn't pass out, and is armed with a speech that will make even the kill-joy laugh their socks off. 

The best man is one of the most important members of the wedding party, after the bride and groom, that is. As such, he should look his best. And obviously, this can be dictated by a variety of factors. The type of wedding - whether it be formal or casual, the location, and time of day.

Not only does he have to be there on the day, do the speech and keep the rings safe, but he also has to sort out the stag do too. There are many options for that though and Lviv Night Life have many ideas to give the groom a fun filled evening, or whole weekend to celebrate. 

His outfit should complement the groom's without matching exactly, one step removed from the groom, so that the one that stands out, is the one celebrating his big day. Coordination is key - but this does not mean you have to wear matching outfits. 

That isn't to say that you shouldn't choose something similar to wear, but rather that it should coordinate well. Things like tie-colours can be the same, or may be even the waistcoats or suit jackets that you wear. But you should add something to distinguish you from one another, be it the pattern or shade of your suit.

My husband, has already had many discussions with his best friend about the attire that they'll wear. He wants an semi-formal wedding. A nice 3 piece suit, and Italian collar shirt, and immaculately polished shoes, but he doesn't want to regular style of wedding. Going for a blue suit, almost cobalt in colour, a highly pressed shirt and coordinating mustard coloured tie and picket square, it'll be classic yet cool. 

To be quite honest, the bride and I have already chose what we're wearing. She's picked out her gorgeous dress - opting to not go for a gown, but a stylish figure hugging dress instead. And I picked a coordinating outfit to match. It seems that the groom and groomsmen, are the fussiest ones of the whole wedding these days...

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