How To Keep Your Teenagers Out Of Trouble

As our children grow, our relationship with them changes. Whereas once they wanted and needed us with them at all times, the older they get, the more independent they are, and the less they want us around. Although we might not like it, it is all a part of growing up, and it’s actually a good thing as it prepares them for their adult life ahead. However, for some teenagers, it can be a confusing, worrying time, and they might get into trouble because they don’t really know who they are or how to deal with the challenges they are facing.


Creating An Easy To Maintain Garden

There's nothing worse on that first day of the school holidays, to open your curtains, see that bright sun, and then run outside to realise that your garden looks a state, and that it's going to take a good few hours to get it ready for playing in and enjoying. 

That's why I opt to creating our garden to be easy to maintain all year round. And here are a few ideas to create an easy to maintain garden...


Retro Perfumes are Coming Back in a Major Way

Time to dust off those old bottles, dig through your mum, or grandma's fragrance stash and get into the retro groove as they're making a major comeback.

Perfume, like fashion, is very much a product of its time with more fashionable brands taking over the market and being popular and than others, falling to the shadows for a few years, or decades, until they become popular in scent again.


What Should the Best Man Wear?

In a couple of month's time, a family friend will be getting married, with my husband being the best man, and this got me thinking about the big day. Weddings are about the couple who standing up there, at the altar. The bride's gorgeous flowing gown, the groom's dapper suit, and flowers aplenty. 

Few consider the best man though. That man who is not only entrusted with holding the rings, but also making sure the groom shows up, doesn't pass out, and is armed with a speech that will make even the kill-joy laugh their socks off. 

How to Plan a Minimalist Skincare Regime With Maximum Efficiency

The days of applying a plethora of creams are numbered. What if you could achieve perfectly moisturised skin without a strenuous regime? Cue the Marie Kondo era! Minimising your skincare routine could save you both time and money, two things you never have enough of.

Here are some top tips on what to include in your new regime…

Reverse Mortgage Qualifications and Considerations

When you retire, you want the flexibility to do the things you love, but many of those things cost money. If your income is not what it once was when you were working, it can often be hard to fund your hobbies. You may even have trouble paying basic bills. If you own your own home, you have cash available to spend that you may not even know about. You can spend that cash by applying for a reverse mortgage. Here is more information about reverse mortgage considerations and qualifications.


4 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Couples

As they say 'time flies when you're having fun', and that also comes in to play when you are with the one you love. As the years go by, it gets to the stage whereby you might forget about that special yearly day though, as your anniversaries begin to sneak up on you. Always ending up going out to dinner again, rather than spending your time, and money, and something more worthwhile.

Or perhaps that big day comes, and you don't end up doing anything at all because you are on a tight budget and can't think of something to do that is a celebration and memorable, but won't cost a fortune. Luckily, you can be both romantic and financially smart. Here are 5 inexpensive and exciting new ways to celebrate your anniversary. You can also check out: https://giftideashere.com/wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas-by-year/


School Holiday Educational Fun For Children in Yorkshire

With the school holidays in full bloom now, it can be hard of things to do each day to get the children away from their screens and out doing something exciting, seeing something fun and learning something new.  

And I don't mean, sitting in the garden watching them kick a football at the fence - not in this ever changing weather anyway! I mean things that will entertain the kids, educate them and having them going to sleep knowing they've had a great day.


5 Brilliant Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

Who says boys’ bedrooms can’t be stylish yet practical? Having 3 sons, I've had to go through a lot of designs over the years,to work out what is best for them. I've selected a few of my favourite ideas, schemes and tips for boys’ bedrooms that look great while remaining practical. 

Bunk up the colours
Traditional colour palettes such as blues and reds are the classic option when it comes to decorating a boy bedroom. But zingy yellows can look a little different if you're daring to be bold. Change up the normal by painting bunk beds in a standout colour to make them a cheery focal point. Or go for a low key background colour on the walls so that bright furniture and accessories can take centre stage.


Pink Clove | I Love a Good Patterned Print in Clothing

When it comes to buying clothing, I'm usually a lover of plain patterns and basic colours so I don't stand out from the crowd. But I realised that if I'm wanting to gain body confidence in my own skin, then I need to make an effort, and the fact that some patterns can actually help disguise those bit of the body that we have problems with. 

I have recently been sent a couple of items from Pink Clove to show off how you can wear patterns beautifully. Pink Clove is home to a fantastic range of clothing in plus sizes - around 16-28, although a few items are available in 14 too. They take latest influential trends from the catwalks and redesign these to flatter the fuller figure.