My name is Michaela, a single 30-something mum, and I am the sole author of Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum which is my own lifestyle website. Starting in April 2012, Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum was just supposed to be a place where I could document my children as the grew, so I could look back at the memories and see exactly what adventures we got up to. It gave me a purpose whilst being stuck at home with nothing to do in between naps, once I'd left my previous employment as a litigation assistant. 

T was born in  May 2009 and brought light into my life. He is the most sensitive of the bunch and a true role model to his younger brothers. His passion for school shines through and he excels in maths. With a love of Marvel and Fortnite.

C arrived in September 2011 and is a totally different character, a very boisterous little man. Suffering with an anxiety disorder, it has been a tough ride along the way, but he is slowly gaining in confidence. You'll not see him often in photos as he doesn't like being in them. 

J was my little rainbow baby and arrived in February 2015, nearly 2 years after my miscarriage and has brought so much joy to my life. He brings so much cheekiness and love to my home. And no, I don't know where his curls came from...

If you would like to discuss working with me on a feature please do get in touch and once again, thanks for reading!