How To Raise A Compassionate Child

If you want to raise a child who cares about the world and the people in it, it’s important to impart these values from an early age so they grow up to be a kind and caring adult. This includes helping them feel empathy for others going through a challenging situation, and helping them out where they can, as well as being considerate of other people’s feelings. Here an independent school in Surrey explores some things you can do as a parent to ensure you raise a compassionate child.

Model compassion yourself

The best way to teach compassion is to showcase it yourself in your own interactions with people. Make sure your child sees you being respectful and kind towards others, and offering help where possible; for example, if they see you giving money to a homeless person or helping an elderly person who’s fallen over, they’ll learn to behave in the same way. Take the time to explain why showing kindness is so important and how we should treat others as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Explore feeling and emotions

Encourage your child to explore their own emotions and develop vocabulary they can use to describe them. This will help them develop empathy for others who might be feeling the same. If your child can easily identify their own feelings, they’ll be able to understand other people's emotions more easily. Try not to stifle your own emotions as a parent, or your child might think that hiding them is normal and that expressing emotions is frowned upon.

Teach gratitude

People who appreciate the good things in their life are more likely to be compassionate towards and help others - gratitude breeds generosity. Help your child develop a habit of gratitude by demonstrating appreciation towards others yourself and getting them involved in finding the bright side of life. You could encourage them to write in a gratitude journal regularly or ask them to identify a few good things that happened during the day when you’re tucking them in at bedtime. Feeling grateful will help your child see when others don’t have the advantages they do and make them more likely to want to help them.

Another way to ensure you raise a compassionate child is to point out acts of kindness you witness when you’re together and praise your child when you see them doing something nice for someone else so they learn how important it is.

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