How to Build a Versatile Travel Wardrobe

Do you have travel plans in the works for 2022? Are you anxious to get out there and start exploring? Maybe your travel plans are more about taking it easy and relaxing on a secluded tropical beach. Whatever your version of the holiday is, part of what will make it a huge success is packing the right clothing. You want to be sure you feel comfortable no matter the weather or activity, plus it’s nice to feel stylish and trendy. With all these factors in mind, we’ve got some tips on how you can build a versatile travel wardrobe.

Dresses - a Staple for the Travel Wardrobe

If ever there was a staple for your travel wardrobe, a dress would be that item. They are versatile in that they can be dressed up or down simply by changing the accessories you wear with them. And because you can find dresses in all styles and lengths, you will have no problem finding options you love. A couple of tips for dresses that are perfect for travelling with include:
  • Purchase a lightweight material that packs well, such as jersey.
  • Pick a short-sleeve or sleeveless dress so it will work in every season. You can wear a cardigan or blazer over the dress in cooler months, or even a turtleneck under it.
  • Midi length (just below the knees) tends to be the most universally flattering and versatile.
While prints and patterns can add interest to your wardrobe, if you want versatility and the ability to wear the dress on various types of trips, choose a solid colour or at least a neutral colour. Fit will also be important whether you are looking at plus size clothing or standard size.

Footwear Needs to Be Comfortable and Supportive

In your everyday life, you may choose footwear based on what’s trendy, what looks best with your outfit and what makes you feel the most confidence. Your travel footwear should have different priorities, however. Be sure to always choose options that are comfortable and supportive. Depending on the holiday, you may be doing a lot of walking, or you could be engaged in sports or activities. Not wearing the right type of footwear means you risk painful blisters or sore feet, potentially slipping and falling (not having the right grip) and not being able to do the sport or activity you want to. It’s also wise to pack footwear that has been worn multiple times, so it is already broken in.

Think In Terms of Layers

When building a travel wardrobe, experts suggest you think in terms of layers. By layering items, you make them versatile so they can adapt to various situations and weather. Pack a few layering pieces in neutral tones so they work with anything.

Following these tips will make building a travel wardrobe smoother and yet still give you the ability to add fashion and style into the mix. There’s a good chance you’ll start to find favourites that go with you on all your travels thanks to how versatile they are.

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