The Benefits of School Trips for Children

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School trips are designed to test a child’s skills in a range of ways that will benefit their overall experience and diligence, as well as taking kids out of the classroom to learn about something completely new! In this guide from an independent school in Abingdon we take a look through the benefits that school trips have for children.

School trips teach children about culture and history

There is the temptation to think that school trips feel like a waste of time, but they’re actually incredibly informative for children to experience. They’re learning a lot about cultures different from their own and are able to learn about different cultures, how communities from centuries ago lived and what impact they’ve had on modern day. Your child will be surprised to see a lot of what was used in the past has inspired the things we use today, sparking innovation in your child.

Children are testing their communication skills

There are a lot of different ways children will be tested, one of which is communicating with others and getting an understanding of tasks that they’ve been assigned. A lot of the reason for school trips is to give children something to work on that’s away from the classroom and usually out of their comfort zone. The more chances your child has to talk to others and work in a team, the better their improvement in their skills and personal development.

School trips rely on teamwork

Alongside clear communication with a child’s peers, they’re also encouraged to work in teams to look at certain parts of a museum tour, or put together findings that they share with the rest of the group at the end of the school trip. These usually test a child’s ability to work with people they don’t necessarily enjoy working with as well, so they’re pushed even further out of their comfort zone. With the right attitude your child’s team will be able to put together exactly what’s been asked of them and present to teachers thanks to teamwork.

Children are learning in a new and exciting way

There are ways for children to develop their skills, and one such way is building their set of skills to be able to help them with personal development. For one, children will be practicing their ability to solve problems, manage tasks, delegate tasks (if working in a team) and conduct effective decision making. These and more will train a child to perform well under pressure in a number of situations that they can use to better their own development skills.

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