Teaching Your Child to Respect Other Cultures


Learning about cultures across the world is a really exciting way to teach your child about the wonders of the world and how many different customs, traditions and celebrations are held across the world. Not only that, but it teaches children about perspective and broadens their horizons as they learn. If you’re keen to teach your child about the cultures of the world, take a look at this guide from this private school in Ireland.

Invest in a global cookbook

One the easiest and most accessible ways of understanding different cultures can be done through cooking. Have one day a week where the family tries a new dish from across the world, and see what your child thinks of it. They may not like the taste, or absolutely adore it! But they’re learning first hand about what other cultures eat and enjoy and it is a fun way to even get the kids involved in the cooking.

Give your child some mini challenges before going on holiday

Whether it’s a trip to France or heading to the sun kissed beaches in Dubai, your child can really expand their knowledge by learning just a few words of the language before they visit. Give them a test by picking out their favourite foods and learning them in the language of the country they’re visiting, for easy things to order in the restaurant are a must. And while you’re all on the holiday, get your child to learn something new about the region that they can tell you about on the way home.

Discover different customs

Oftentimes you’ll find out about different customs from across the world, like the Haka in New Zealand for example, or even how people give way on pavements and sidewalks, how to eat appropriately and other customs. If you’re heading to a country that’s heavy on these traditions, it’s worth practicing them with your child before the holiday begins. That way, they’ll be prepared for anything that comes their way.

Make a collage of the region you’re visiting/visited

A good project for kids is to make collages out of countries they want to visit, or places they’ve already visited. There’s a lot of fun to be had by cutting out pieces from magazines, sticking them onto the page, or painting parts of the canvas that relate to the country. Make it a fun activity for children and they’ll be able to make more memorable pieces.

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