Post-COVID Holidays Abroad: All You Need To Know To Prepare

The holiday season - and school break - is around the corner. And, if you are thinking about making the most of the recently lifted travel bans around the world. You are not the only one. Today, most families have received their vaccine doses, and the availability of a new Covid-19 treatment is making us all feel a lot safer. After spending many of your weekends exploring the Yorkshire coastline, you can now enjoy a holiday abroad.

Nonetheless, travel has been changed forever by Covid-19. And, even if it feels like things are returning to normal, there are some important aspects to consider when traveling in a new country in this post-pandemic era. In the sections below, you can find some must-have tips to enjoy the holiday season abroad with your whole family - and in all safety!

Understand All Travel and Safety Requirements

The first step to enjoy a holiday abroad is to check what the entry requirements are. Around the EU, a certificate showing that you have received your vaccine might be enough. However, in other countries around the world, you might still need to quarantine or self-isolate for periods between five and seven days.

While this is not a problem for those looking to enjoy a several-weeks-long vacation, you will need to be aware of your destination’s restrictions if you only travel for a week or two.

Make Sure You Have the Right Visa

The reopening of international travel means that we can now travel a little further and for longer. Nonetheless, most countries today will require a visa even for tourists. So, make sure you are aware of the latest requirements. For example, now that the US has reopened its doors to travellers from Europe, you might consider finally enjoying that American road trip you have been dreaming about for a while.

Just make sure to check official sites such as official-esta.co.uk to ensure your paperwork is in order. Remember: visas can take quite a while to be accepted, so make sure you are applying plenty of time before your departure day!

Reconsider Accommodation Options

Your accommodation choice can truly make a difference in the vacation you are going to have. Many people dream about luxury and a fully-catered hotel room that allows you to make the most of this time of rest and enjoyment. However, for others, budget accommodations are the key to enjoying a destination from a local’s viewpoint and at a reduced budget.

Whatever you prefer, you should also consider safety when picking a hotel room. For example, you might prefer an apartment, nature retreat, or an accommodation option that is away from the crowds.

Don’t Skimp on Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has always been important for travellers. And, in some cases, it can truly save you a lot of money. However, investing in a travel insurance policy that you can count on has never been as important as it is today in this post-pandemic era.

There are many reasons why travel insurance is more important than ever:
  • Allows you to better manage the lingering risk of Covid-19 infection
  • Your travel plans might change because of the rapidly evolving situation
  • You might suffer cancellations that could cost you a lot of money

Create a Well-Defined Itinerary

Every traveller is different. For some people, the idea of a dream holiday is a week of beach days and all-included buffets. For others, it is all about adventure and spontaneity. If you belong to this second category, you might need to slightly reconsider the way you travel.

Because of the rapidly evolving situation around the world, you might need to be clear on what your travel plans are and how they might change. Having a precise itinerary you can rely on can help you prepare for the situations you might find yourself in.

Opt for Open-Air and Outdoors Activities

Every destination is unique for its attractions and culture. However, some activities are much safer in this post-pandemic era. For example, if you wish to reduce the risk of infection, you might opt for open-air and outdoor activities. For example, you could opt to visit a national park, spend time in a city park watching the world go by, or enjoy an adventurous hike or trek.

Opt for Low-Season Travel

Many tourists prefer to be at the centre of the action when it comes down to finding a destination to explore. However, in most cases, there are plenty of benefits that only come with off-season travel. For example, you can find impressive deals and offers that can considerably lower your travel cost.

And, the whole atmosphere is much more relaxed and enjoyable. Additionally, you will be able to avoid the crowds which not only helps you make the most of your time in the area but can also help you live a safer holiday.

Avoid Busy Times

No matter what time of the year you are travelling, you might always find yourself dealing with some crowds, especially around the main tourist attractions or public transport hubs. However, there is a lot you can do to enjoy a much more exclusive holiday.

For example, you might consider avoiding peak times! This means that you will have to compromise. For example, some entrance tickets are lower in price if you are visiting late in the afternoon, but you might only be there for a few hours before closing time.

Make It Greener

Travelling does have an impact on the environment - even if you take a short flight to a neighbouring country! However, there is a lot you can do to limit your footprints. For example, you might consider travelling by train, bus, or electric car. When at your destination, make sure to use public transport, support local business, and don’t leave anything behind. Apps such as HappyCow and GreenPearls can help you find sustainable, plant-based, and eco-friendly alternatives to standard hotels and restaurants.

Enjoy Every Minute!

After so many months trapped within our four walls, it is only reasonable to dream of long-haul holidays and far away destinations. However, it is important to remember that safety should come before anything else, and lowering your environmental impact has never been as important as it is today. Once you have ticked these two boxes, all that is left is to enjoy your holiday!

*This is a collaborative post*

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