5 Steps for a Relaxing Spa Night at Home

A calming bedroom

While our main priority as a mum is to take care of our little one(s), it is equally as important to remember to take care of ourselves. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup! So, take a night for yourself from time to time for some self-care and give yourself the opportunity to really recharge.

For the ultimate relaxation, opt for a spa night in where you can do all of the things you probably don’t have time to do on a regular basis. If you have a hard time getting into the relaxation mode to start, give yourself a 5-minute journal time where you write down anything and everything on your mind. Then, close your journal and switch into relaxation mode.

Here are some tips on how you can create a spa night at home:

1. Dry brush

Dry brushing increases circulation and feels like a more luxurious option to exfoliating. Go in long strokes up your legs and arms, and go in circles towards your heart. This will get your microcirculation flowing and help with skin health.

2. Draw a bath and apply a face mask

If you have a bath at home, now is the time to use it! Create a nice ambience beforehand by lighting some candles, and putting out your fluffy towels and robe. Then draw your bath with some Epsom salt and apply a mud mask, the perfect treatment to clean out your pores that will also make you feel like you are at a spa destination! Speaking of… did you know that the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland has its own skincare line? So, you can enjoy a luxurious spa experience even from home! All products are available on their website, by selecting the correct Blue Lagoon store according to your location.

3. Do a conditioning hair treatment

Most moms agree that even washing your hair on a regular basis can be a challenge when you are taking care of the kiddos. So on your night in, give your hair a little extra TLC with a conditioning treatment. You can even apply this when you hop into the bath so between your face mask and hair treatment, you’re doing those extra steps you probably don’t have time to do regularly.

4. Apply moisturizer or body oil

After soaking, go in with a nice moisturizer or body oil to replenish your skin with proper hydration. Plus, there’s just something special about having soft skin to the touch.

5. Do a facial massage

A facial massage is a way you can give yourself a massage and give you those spa vibes. Use a gua sha or jade roller for the ultimate experience, or simply use your hands with upwards motions.

It’s also very important to set the mood to the night, so make sure to light a nice candle or an essential oil diffuser, put on some music or podcast and maybe even get a good read for the bath. This will help you relax and take your mind off things.

*A guest post written by Emily Jones*

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