5 Outdoor Learning Activities for Children

Stuck for activities to do in the great outdoors? Here are a few learning activities you can try with your child, courtesy of this private college in the UK.

Build a campsite in your garden

Make a fun evening with things you’ve got around the house and make a camping space in the garden with the kids. It’s a really exciting experience for kids to get stuck into, and you can enhance the experience by buying some marshmallows and biscuits to make s'mores or roasted marshmallows on sticks.

Make rubbings using crayons

A classic activity is grabbing some paper and crayons and colouring onto the paper using leaves, rocks and even fossils. It’s a really fun experience for children as they’re seeing a host of different textures and patterns that everyday items make, and they can make a little collection of rubbings as artwork.

Visit the beach, and take a bucket and spade with you

Let your child play with the sand and build by using a bucket to fill with wet sand. Children can make mini cities, castles with moats around them and all sorts of things! The beach is also a great place for children to get involved in water play with their buckets and spades as well by understanding the impact gravity has on the water, filling their buckets and splashing in the water.

Take them to an obstacle course, or make your own at home

Obstacle courses are a great way of testing your child’s might and how they would navigate different scenarios. It’s a really fun way for them to keep them thinking on their toes while trying not to fall over or make a mistake, and it excites them when they reach the finish line. Children are also practicing to use a lot of their muscles and keeping themselves active.

Making art collages with things your child finds in the outside world

From discarded coins, leaves, flower petals and film tickets, your child has a lot of options when making a collage. Spend an hour of their day getting the arts and crafts out to make a colourful collage with all the things they’ve found in the garden and see what they come up with. It’s a great way of educating your child about things they can find on their doorstep.

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