How to Raise a Respectful Child

Respect is one of the core moral values that children become aware of as they grow older. As an essential trait that many people should aim to follow, teaching your child early on how to be respectful is key for developing strong-willed, kind and caring individuals.

In this guide from a prep school in Middlesex we take a look at what parents can do to help children become respectful in their daily lives.

Promote a safe and kind home

A lot of how a child learns is through their parents; if there are ways to follow a respectful and kind attitude to life, then children will see this the most from their parents and at home. Model respect and show your child how to be kind towards others from home and they’re likely to mimic these attitudes in their daily lives. It’s usually where the foundations are built for children to learn from their parents, so it’s important that your child is able to follow your actions and have a positive reaction towards them.

Show your child how to cultivate self-respect

Part of learning about respect is understanding your own needs and how they should be tended to just as much as others. Encourage your child to take care of themselves each week and put proper care in their work, their appearance and their diet to give them a sense of self care and appreciation. They’re also learning how to be more aware of what others go through and how they can help others by following what they themselves do on a regular basis.

Ensure your child’s using their communication skills

From attending local clubs, taking part in extracurricular activities or having a regular sport your child’s involved with, these all improve their communication skills and interactions with others. They naturally learn the level of respect they should give to others and why it’s important to remain focused, especially when working as a team with others.

If your child is the leader of a team for instance, children will look to them to devise a plan and coordinate the team’s next moves. Likewise if your child is following a team leader’s direction, they’ll be learning to respect their visual cues and instructions.

Teaching your child how to be respectful doesn’t come straight away, which is why modelling respect in the home and directing your child to look after themselves is a good way of developing their skills and understanding moral values as a whole.

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