How To Prepare Your Dogs For A Cold Winter

The winter season is well and truly here. The weather turned cold, the rain started pouring, and the muddy dog walks were in full flow. Dog walkers need waterproof shoes, a winter coat and multiple layers to stay warm in the colder season. Your dog might also need a little extra attention in the winter months.

Here are few ways you can prepare your dog for the winter ahead


Dogs and clothing is a controversial topic. However, dog clothing is not just for Hollywood’s elite and their handbag dogs. Your short hair skinny dog might also need a warm coat for the winter. Buy your dog a fleecy raincoat to keep them warm throughout the winter storms and cold frosty mornings. They will be grateful.

Adjust feeding amount

Your dog needs to eat more in the winter. Their bodies typically need twice as many calories in the winter as they need to moderate their body temperature. The extra calories lead to more fat accumulation and keep them warmer throughout the winter. Buy high-quality dog food that will keep them healthy and energised for the entire day.

Paw care

Some dogs need booties in the winter to protect them from icy conditions. Winter conditions can cause injuries and abrasions on your pup’s paws. Little dog boots can keep them cosy and safe all winter long. Besides, they look adorable as well.

Make a warm place

Put your dog’s bed near the radiator to keep them warm. It’s important to keep your dog toasty warm inside as well. If they are running around in the cold, they need a warm home to come back to.

Change the time of walks

It’s much easier to walk your dog in the summer when there’s more daylight and sunshine. You can enjoy a morning and evening walk in the heat, and maybe even a run from time to time. However, in the winter, dog walking becomes much more of a chore to complete. You may struggle to find the time to walk your dogs in daylight if you work full-time.

Try to walk your dog around lunchtime in the winter when the temperature is a little milder. You can watch your dog much more easily in daylight and keep yourself safe as well.

Brush frequently

Brush your dog to remove any matted, dirty and debris from their coat. Bathe them to remove any stubborn dirt patches and try to keep your dog as clean as possible.

Switch up your routine with your dog to cater for the colder weather.

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