Great After School Activities for Teens

Teenagers can be a difficult group to entertain – their interests have likely changed since they were kids, and they’re at a stage where they’re trying to carve out their identity and find people who share their likes and dislikes. But how they spend their downtime can actually contribute towards this a lot, so finding after school activities that will help them grow while also being fun and entertaining is the key. 

Here are some fun suggestions that they’re sure to enjoy and gain skills and knowledge from in the process.

Learn an instrument

Music is something that can bring people together, and it’s also something that kids often start getting into more in their teens. Learning an instrument is a great way to explore different tastes and it can reinforce creativity too. Why not join a band and get the added benefit of making friends? There are numerous instruments teens can start off that are easy for beginners to get to grips with, with and it’s an ongoing hobby that they can build on as they learn and develop.

Sign up to a local club

Teens often want to hang out with other people their own age, and local clubs are a great way for them to meet other people that aren’t the same kids they hang out with all day at school. Holiday clubs make use of time away from school in a productive, fun and safe way, and there are numerous activities to get involved with, whatever your teen is interested in. If they’re creative, they can take part in arts and crafts, or if they prefer a more active pursuit, sports like football and tennis are a great option. Holiday clubs typically theme activities week by week, so there’s always something new to get involved with.

Volunteer for a worthy cause

There are plenty of causes in need of volunteers and it’s a great activity for teens, many of which wouldn’t be able to commit to anything long-term due to school work or other hobbies. Whether it’s taking the dogs at your local rescue centre for a walk, helping out at a homeless shelter or giving up a few hours of their time at the local charity shop, it’s a great way for teens to make a difference and to gain worthwhile experience in the process. It’s also something that teaches teens about the importance of helping others and about responsibility.

Join a sports team

If your kids are sports enthusiasts and love to watch matches or games on TV, a fantastic after school activity for them is to join an amateur sports team in the local area. They may not be involved in anything outside of their P.E. classes but joining a team will give them the opportunity to develop their skills, stay fit and meet other people all at the same time. There are so many sports to choose from, from netball, basketball and football to more unusual options like roller skating, dancing or martial arts, so they’re sure to find something that grabs their interest and will keep them active outside of school.

Learn a new skill

Just because your teens aren’t at school doesn’t mean they can’t be putting their minds to good use and learning a new skill. From language learning to coding and web development or even learning how to cook, there’s plenty of valuable skills they can practice during after school hours that will benefit them into adulthood. There’s every chance they’ll discover new talents and skills that they never even knew they had, and it could inspire deeper interests that could shape their future.

Final thoughts

Teens are notoriously difficult to please but getting them involved in finding a hobby or after school club they can look forward to each week is the best way to help them find something enjoyable. Chances are, if they’ve been involved in the decision-making process, they’ll be more inclined to take part and give it their all. Whether they want something active and outdoors, a hobby that gives them a way to meet people, or they’re keen to learn a new skill, these activities are perfect for tweens and teens looking for something to do after the school day ends.

*This is a collaborative post*

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