Goodbye September… Hello October!!

Can you believe another month has passed? No neither can I. I know I say it almost every month but the year is flying by scarily fast. The start of October means lots of things for us. It’s my birthday month, its Halloween (my youngest loves going trick or treating), I start preparing Christmas guides and it means that the darker nights are not far away – meaning movies, boxsets, and hot chocolate all around.

Now that we are racing towards the colder months of the year which for us means turning the heating back on (OK so I’ve done this a few days ago as it’s absolutely freezing and miserable here) and spending more time inside rather than out. Some of the things I will be doing over the next month include…

Playing games

I am eagerly awaiting the release date of Call of Duty Vanguard. I blame my husband for this turn of events as I never even used to play anything on the Xbox – it was always the PlayStation for me but then he said here have a go and I was sucked right in.

I also have a Switch which is great for playing games on the go or whilst I’m watching TV. Since the boys have been back at school I have finally got back into my routine and exercising regularly again. I’ve been busy with Fitness Boxing 2, Family Trainer and Ring Fit Adventures and so far so good I’ve managed to exercise five days out of seven for the last four weeks fingers crossed I can continue this as I’m really enjoying exercising whilst playing on a console. It’s a win win situation for me.

This month I have also  been playing The Addams Family: Mansion Mayhem game. It’s available on the Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The game can be downloaded or bought as a physical copy. It’s a fun family friendly game that can be played solo or with up to four other coop players. Help Wednesday, Gomez, Morticia and Pugsley save the beloved Addams mansion in this hilarious 3D adventure. Players can test out the different character abilities to navigate the four unique spooky locations; Gomez’s ancient family Mazurka Saber is perfect for slicing and gliding, while Morticia’s fashionable and friendly Spider Sling can shoot webs, grapple, swing and pull objects. Pugsley’s hand-crafted bombs are a blast to roll around on and blow things up and Wednesday’s pet octopus Socrates is ready to blast off and hover using a powerful ink spray. 

Wearing comfy clothes

The one thing I love about the colder months is that I can wear all my comfy clothes. Goodbye denim shorts and little black dresses and hello loungewear (I love the pink joggers below) and oversized jumpers (who doesn’t love an oversized hoody) and dresses. I hate being cold so it's no surprise that you'll find me wrapped up pretty much the minute October arrives. In the colder months you can always find me in my jeggings, jeans or a skirt, tights and boots. If you’re updating your wardrobe ready for winter Femmeluxe have plenty for you to choose from.

Watching TV

Anyone who knows me knows I love Grey’s Anatomy – it’s probably one of my favourite shows (I’ve watched each season multiple times) I’ve recently started watching Station 19 and I absolutely love it. I don’t know why I didn’t start it especially as both programmes have lots of crossover episodes and although you don’t need to watch to follow the storylines it is so much better if you do. I’m currently halfway through season 3 and I have to admit I’ve cried more than I thought I would and I don’t think I’m done yet either.

I’ve also started watching Grace and Frankie – I know I’m late to this party too, but I am absolutely loving the series so far. It’s the perfect programme to watch when you need to unwind or want to watch something that you don’t need to concentrate to hard on to understand.

My watchlist is quite long though and there are so many programmes I want to watch and plan to watch I fear they will disappear from Netflix and Prime before I get round to them all (I really, really hope this doesn’t happen) I’m hoping to watch Sex Education, Bad Moms, Bridgerton,  The Crown and not to mention when December 1st comes around I can start watching Christmas films. It's going to be a busy few months.

What do you like most about this time of year?

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