7 Ways to Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

Unpredictable things happen all the time. You never know if your house is going to be the target of a burglary or a natural disaster out of your control. Fortunately, while you may not be able to predict when or if these things will happen to you, you can take steps to avoid damage coming to the most precious things in your life.

1. Add Outdoor Lighting

Solar-powered lights are a cheap and efficient way to light your home up at night. With a well-lit home, you’ll likely experience fewer people sneaking around in your yard. It’s a surefire way to keep your house protected against criminals.

Motion-activated lights might stall a burglar because the fear that comes with being illuminated might be enough to freeze them in place for a bit. They may decide that your house is no longer worth the risk of getting caught or seen by you or your neighbours. Thanks to motion-activated lights, you may avoid a robbery.

2. Install a Security System

When in doubt, you should install a security system to monitor your home, especially when you’re not around. Plenty of outdoor security cameras can work with mobile apps these days, so you can continuously monitor your yard, driveway and front door. With some cameras, you may even be able to talk through the app to address anyone on the screen. In this way, cameras can be a huge crime deterrent.

Going a step further and installing a security system that can only be disarmed with a password or passcode can significantly reduce the chances of a burglar escaping without punishment. Even if someone does break into your home, they’ll hear the alarm beeping and quickly realize they don’t have a way to disarm it before authorities show up. At the very least, the burglar wouldn’t have much time to go through your home searching for valuables!

3. Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

When you’re not using them, especially when you are out of the house, you should keep your doors and windows locked. When they’re locked, it’ll prove much more challenging for anyone to force their way into your home.

If your front door doesn’t lock or unlock easily, it could be for one of several reasons other than the lock being broken. Locks may freeze in the winter, making it more challenging to put your key in. Always make sure you can lock and unlock your door without issues, and search for a solution before replacing a lock entirely.

If your lock is truly broken and you can’t repair it right away, use other things to keep it shut and locked, such as a bracer that you can stick under your doorknob that won’t allow the door to be forced open from the outside.

4. Safeguard Your Garage

Before leaving for a long trip, you should ensure that your garage cannot be broken into easily. Make sure that your garage is locked at all times and cannot be accessed unless through a garage door opener or a passcode. Even then, an opener that you keep in a secured location would be better than a passcode that someone may figure out through trial and error.

Keep your garage door opener inside the house if you usually keep it in your car outside of the garage. That way, potential burglars can’t snatch it from your vehicle and use it to get inside.

5. Protect Your Valuables

Store your important documents, precious jewellery and other special items in a safe place. You may choose to include them in a safe that burglars can’t access. In that case, make sure that the safe is also fireproof in case of an emergency.

Disasters happen all the time, and many of them aren’t caused by humans. You should always secure your house against human burglars, but consider protecting your valuables from events outside of your control, too. House fires are more common than they seem — in 2019, over one million fires ravaged the United States. Make sure you have a fireproof safe or box to keep your valuables safe if necessary.

6. Watch What You Post

Check your privacy settings on social media. If you publicly check in far away from home, you’re telling the world that you’re not at your house. Ensure that your privacy settings are optimized so that only people you trust can see your location, or just don’t share any check-ins or vacation pictures until you return home.

You should also look out for what you post in your about or bio section. Burglars can target homes based on the information they find on your social media, and even something as simple as a name and location can help them find your home. Make sure your privacy settings show your information and posts to only the people you want to see them.

7. Do Your Research on Home Automation

You may wonder if your home could be safe if you automated it with smart devices. As with all appliances, you risk a hacker taking control of them and learning information about you through them. If your defence is tight enough, though, you have nothing to worry about.

With automated door locks, you can control whether your home is locked or unlocked via an app, thus eliminating the need to copy keys that will eventually get lost or discarded. You can also turn on lights in your home while you’re away to make it appear as if someone is home, thus potentially deterring burglars from targeting your house.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

With the advancement of technology, you should have eyes on your home at all times if you feel the need for it. Gone are the days where you’d have to worry about your home from afar. Now, you can check in on a camera or control something remotely to give you peace of mind. Even if you don’t embrace innovative home technology, you can take other measures to know that your valuables are safe while you’re away.

*This is a collaborative post*

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