What Makes A Great Family Car?

A child playing in a car in the snow

A great family car is one of the most valuable assets a family can ever possess. It is your ticket to a world of adventures while it also makes daily tasks far more convenient. School runs, grocery store trips and travel to activity clubs will all benefit from the right choice of vehicle.

With so many vehicles on the market, though, it can be difficult to find the perfect solution. The following checklist should lead you to the right solution.


First and foremost, you need a vehicle that is suited to your family requirement. If you are a family of seven, a small city car won’t suffice. In addition to the sizing, you may wish to consider accessibility. Disability cars and vehicles on the motability scheme can make a world of difference for families that need them.

Depending on your location, it will be necessary to think about the engine size and tyre types too. Otherwise, you may struggle uphill or through country lanes.


Every big purchase should be made with financial matters in mind. When buying your family car, it’s OK to spend a significant sum of money. However, you must avoid wasting cash. Finding a great used car is a great way to instantly reduce the costs and slow the rate of depreciation. It is also worth researching car leasing options as well as purchasing

The power of negotiation can put you in an even stronger position. When coupled with detailed research into models, you won’t go far wrong.


It’s likely that the vehicle will be used on a daily basis. Therefore establishing a sense of ownership over it is one of the smartest things you can do. Parking sensors and advanced tech features will encourage positive vibes. Cheap dateless number plates are another very popular solution. It makes your car stand out for all the right reasons.

Look for the upgrades and modifications that bring the biggest rewards at the lowest costs. When you get this right, you’ll be happy to keep the vehicle for many years.


The above point underlines the importance of aesthetic appeal. However, you should not underestimate the need for the vehicle to feel right too. Comfort is king. As well as the right cabin dimensions, it’s important to consider the upholstery choices. If drivers have a preference on steering wheel sizes and console box layouts, this should be respected.

Seatbelts and key features that affect the comfort of drivers and passengers should be given the attention they deserve. Journeys will be greatly improved as a direct upshot.


Perhaps above any other attribute, a great family car should be safe. Without that sense of reliability, it will be very difficult for families to ever fall in love with the vehicle. Knowing the models that boast good safety ratings for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians is key. A range of extra assistive driving features can be added to promote safety behind the wheel.

When supported by the rest of the issues mentioned above, your relationship with the car is guaranteed to be a good one. Frankly, that’s the least your family deserves.

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