What is a Modern Pergola?

a modern pergola
I’m sure you know what a traditional pergola is but what is a modern pergola? I’ve recently found out about these and needed to share them with you. I’ve always wanted to have a pergola in my back garden but never thought they were practical enough for “sunny” England.

Why would I install a traditional pergola in my garden if it’s always raining? I dreamt of having a pergola that could still give me shade but also protection from the rain, so I could use my back garden no matter what. This is where modern pergolas come in – the innovative version of traditional pergolas that allow you to properly enjoy your outdoor space.

If you don’t know what a traditional pergola is, let me take a step back. As Mummy Mummy Mum explains in a recent blog post, “These are stunning wooden structures that offer some shade in the summer due to their latticed-style roof and can be used to define certain areas of your garden, such as an outdoor dining area.”

Now, let’s talk about modern pergolas. Designer Shade Solutions, London retractable roof specialists, create bespoke modern pergolas with retractable and tilting roofs for homes and commercial spaces in London and other areas of the UK. They believe that modern pergolas will help you extend the time spent outdoors, and it couldn’t be any more true!

If you had a modern pergola in your back garden, I’m sure you’d be able to enjoy your outdoors to the fullest, without worrying if it is going to start raining any time soon. As this article on Let’s Fix It mentions, “Retractable roof pergolas are outdoor structures that feature a retractable and tilting roof which can fully open when the weather allows, close when it starts to rain or simply tilt to offer some shade.” So, no more worrying about the weather – you can enjoy being outdoors, no matter what!

Can you see why I like these so much? Modern pergolas can also be fully customised to meet your style and design requirements. Want lighting? Done. Want heating? Done. Want to create a complete closed outdoor retreat? Done. Designer Shade Solutions retractable roof pergolas are truly a wonder that will look stunning in any space.

Renovation Bay Bee also adds that these pergolas “can be installed in the middle of your garden as a centerpiece or attached to your home as an extension to your living space.” So, you can easily create a fabulous and smooth transition from indoor living to outdoor living. Yes, I’m definitely biased but I had to share with you these fantastic outdoor structures!

What do you think of modern pergolas?

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