Smart Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting things! It's a huge life-changing event that brings a new life into the world. Parents want to celebrate the coming of their new baby in the best ways possible.

There are so many creative ways to enjoy this time with family and friends both during pregnancy and after the new baby's arrival. Of course, with COVID-19, not all new families could celebrate the birth of their new child with other people. Much of the partying and celebration had to be virtual. It's never too late to celebrate, though, so if you are one of those pandemic parents, you can still celebrate this year!

Fortunately, the vaccines have made it possible and safer to visit others in person. When it comes to a newborn and the newborn's parents, it's always a good idea to ask for permission before a visit. Additionally, take health measures by washing your hands before holding a baby, and avoid putting your mouth close to the baby. This is a new, fragile life that you want to celebrate, so keep it healthy.

Below are some smart ways to celebrate a new baby both before and after birth.

Have a Baby Shower or Baby Sprinkle

Perhaps the most traditional way to celebrate the coming of a new baby is to have a baby shower! It's classic and one that moms rarely want to miss out on to celebrate their little one. Baby showers incorporate themed food, colors that match the baby's nursery, lots of tiny onesies and plenty of fun games. The emphasis is on gifts for the baby and new mom.

Typically, baby showers are for first-time moms. However, what about moms that already have kids? They don't always hold onto everything from their first pregnancy, which is why there are baby sprinkles, too. These are more intimate, and guests typically pool money together for a larger gift.

Hold a Blessingway

A newer trend is to hold a blessingway. The goal of a blessingway is to help strengthen the mom-to-be. Blessingways occur as close to the mom's due date as possible. It can be held either in person or virtually. Each person takes time to encourage and calm mom before the big day.

This is an excellent opportunity to send a lot of love and support so mom can feel strong as she gives birth to her baby. If mom is up to it, this event could even be online when she starts going into labor.

Gather the Dads for a Diaper Party

Usually, baby showers are for females. Sometimes, baby showers aren't gender-exclusive, but when they are, what do the dads do? You can gather the males together for a diaper party!

A diaper party is basically a baby shower for men. All of the dad's friends get together, and the only expected gift is diapers. It's a great way for the parents to stock up on diapers before the arrival of their baby. Diapers are super practical, and you'll likely go through about 3,000 disposable ones in the first year unless you opt for cloth. You could pair this party with a sporting event or a backyard barbeque, too.

Relax with a Spa Day for Parents and Baby

Although new parents want to show off their little ones, they need some time alone. A spa day is a great way to relax and feel relief from the bustle of giving birth. Friends and family can certainly set up a spa day for the new parents, complete with massages, warm towels and facials.

An alternative would be for the parents to take a warm bath and give each other a little massage. It's an intimate way to pause and think about all that has happened since the new baby's arrival.

Hire a Newborn Photographer

Many parents often wait until their baby can sit up or at least hold its head up before getting photos of the baby. However, a few months go by, and it's easy to let those memories of tiny fingers and toes fade, especially with your new, busy life! Babies seem to change by the minute, so why not capture those special moments as soon as your baby is born?

Hiring a newborn photographer is a great way to celebrate a new baby. Someone with special skills can capture all of the beautiful moments and the cuteness of your newborn, and you'll have those memories forever. Plus, it offers a chance for loved ones to see the newborn even if they weren't in the delivery room.

Plant a Tree in Honor of Baby

A creative way to celebrate a new baby is by planting a birth tree. Trees are physical reminders of life, and they grow tall, making them a perfect symbol of a baby's new life. It commemorates the new addition to the family, and it offers plenty of photo opportunities as both the baby and the tree grow together.

Besides that, a tree adds value, beauty and shade to a property. It helps clean the air and is highly beneficial to the environment. It's smart for the planet, and it's smart for your family and newborn. The tree will be a constant reminder of your baby.

Celebrating One of Life's Greatest Gifts

Bringing a new life into this world is a momentous occasion that deserves every bit of celebration. Whether you're more traditional or want to keep up with the trends, there are so many innovative ways to celebrate a new baby.

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