Moving To Yorkshire - The Most Ideal Places To Raise Your Kids

Finding a new home when you’re planning to raise a family can feel like a real challenge, especially when you’re searching for a place that you are confident that your children will be safe as well as having access to quality education. As well as this, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of career and job opportunities for yourself and your children as they get older plus a great and affordable property market. We’ve listed some of the best places you can move to in Yorkshire today and why they have become popular choices for people raising a family.


The city of Sheffield is a popular choice for people of all generations, and most notably, families. For a start, raising your children in one of Europe’s greenest cities, surrounded by beautiful green hills, and filled with over 2 and a half million trees, is a great way to ensure they’re not being impacted by the harmful pollutants of overpopulated cities. Being surrounded by nature will also help them to develop a greater appreciation of the UK’s lovely countryside. As well as this, Sheffield has everything you need, such as affordable housing, great business and career opportunities, quality schooling from preschools to university, and booming cultural and nightlife scenes.


This great Yorkshire town is home to the renowned Doncaster market which is open 3 times a week. An abundance of fresh foods at affordable prices make living nearby this pleasant shopping district a truly great benefit, reducing the cost of living for everyone around. Raising kids is only made easier when you find ways in which you can save money wherever you can, and it’s worth noting how cheap properties are in Doncaster as well. When you’re looking to buy a house online in this pleasant northern town, visit for-sale.com.


Situated just outside of Sheffield, is the town of Rotherham. This great town is perfectly situated to benefit from easy commutes around both Yorkshire and the entire country. The town benefits from a wealth of amenities that you’d usually only find within cities, while also being small enough to get around by foot quite easily. Similar to other towns and cities in Yorkshire, houses are exceptionally affordable compared to other places in the country, especially in the south of England. On average, even in this booming housing market, the average price paid for a home in Rotherham is around £165,000. Compare this to £706,000 for London, and £241,000 for Nottingham.


Another market town, Barnsley is nestled in the countryside between Leeds and Sheffield, and is orbited by some gorgeous, historic villages and homes. Living in and around Barnsley, you’ll be presented with countless opportunities for work, as well as some brilliant entertainment and experiences for you and your kids. A myriad of independent shops make up the high street, as well as having a wide selection of bars, pubs, and restaurants for some great nights out. Barnsley is also home to some great schools so you can be sure your kids are getting a fantastic education, and transport networks around the rest of the country are easily accessible, with the M1 motorway running straight past the town.

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