How to make more money from blogging

You might have been making some little bits of money here and there from display ads and affiliate marketing but now you want to take your blog to the next level. I get it. Blogging is a great hobby but who wouldn’t want to make money from something they love to do? You might want some extra cash for your monthly grocery shopping, a romantic getaway or you might want to set up a piggy bank to save for your kid’s futures – either way, I’ve put together some ways to make more money from blogging.

Start an online eCommerce store

Why would you set up an eCommerce store for your blog? To sell the things you do, of course. Whether it is merchandise to give your audience another way to support you or products that would be perfect for your audience, creating an eCommerce store is a great idea. If you have a fitness blog, you could sell branded clothing or fitness accessories. Maybe if your whole blog is about handmade chocolates, why not start selling beautifully branded chocolates?

Magento Website Design Agency in London, Ad Lab recommend creating an eCommerce store to sell these products. Most of the blogging platforms already have a feature to set up an eCommerce store, so you can start selling your products in a flash! Figure out what you are going to sell, think about branding and then announce this new venture with your audience!

What about marketing your products? Sims Life believes that making the most out of Google Ads is also essential to “get your brand and products in front of potential customers.” Learn how to use Google and all its tools to your advantage by taking the free courses at Google Skillshop.

Partner up with brands

If you are a smaller content creator, partnering up with brands might seem too far from reach. Not so fast! You have an audience, you have a platform. If you’re putting out great content and have fantastic engagement with your audience, that’s all you need! If brands are not contacting you, get in touch with brands yourself and pitch your ideas.

As Country Heart and Home says, “as someone with an audience that looks at what you post and engages with the things you write about, companies will look at you as a great advertising opportunity! So, you can partner up with brands to promote events, special products and more.”

Sell your blogging skills

If you’ve been blogging for a while, guess what? You’ve probably learnt a variety of new skills along the way and improved blogging-related skills that you might have had before. Did you know that other people are looking for help and need the skills you have? Content writing, photo editing, marketing, social media managing… the list is endless! As Accidental Hipster Mum comments, “From copywriting and photography to graphic design and social media managing, these blogging skills are highly sought after!” She also recommends adding a “Hire Me” page in your blog and state what services you can offer.

Have you tried any of these methods to make more money from your blog?

*This is a collaborative post*  

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