Back to School: Dressing a 2021 Elementary School Pupil

The first day of school could be both a joy and a trauma for a child. It doesn’t matter if he/she has been properly prepared for that day: the impact with a new anthropological environment can still be harsh. That’s the reason why taking all the necessary measures to make him/her feel as much comfortable as he/she can be is almost mandatory for a parent. And of course, all these measures start from an adequate “dress code”. Therefore, it is no accident that many companies specialized in children clothing (like, for example, Billieblush) have been joined, in this specific sector of the global market, by huge brands that opened a division specially dedicated to children’s designed clothes (it is the case, among many others, of Hugo Boss kidswear).

Of course, since we are talking about kids, being in step with fashion is long way from being enough. All the parents know that school days could be a big, exciting adventure for their babies, but they can also turn into the most stressful and challenging experience in a heartbeat. So it is necessary to put a child in the best possible conditions to face this challenge, starting right from their outfits. How? Below, you’ll find some tips that will surely help.

Comfort first

As we said, school can be stressful. And there is no need to enhance this sensation. Quite the opposite, the clothing that a kid needs to wear should be supposed to help relieve it. Hence, large and comfortable clothes are highly recommended, so that the kids would be able to run, jump and being active or, in any case, feel at ease in every situation; including the long, extenuating hours spent sitting at their desks. Under no circumstances it is recommendable to use extremely tight pieces of clothing, no matter how much the kid would like it.

Colours right after

Kids don’t like gloomy hues: they want to be dressed in colours (provided that they do not look like little clowns) and bring their contribution in terms of joy to their little community. Moreover, they get easily – and often – bored, so you better provide yourself with an entire set of clothes with different shades: they will come handy very soon, more precisely when they will start to grow tired of wearing the same colours every single day.

Children have their individual taste

Yes, children change their mind very often: but, despite that, they have their personal taste too. Soon they will start to express their preferences in terms of outfit, and the parents will find themselves in the position of having to hear them. This doesn’t mean that you should satisfy every request, even the most unacceptable ones. The best solution is always finding a way to mediate between their desires and common sense. Easier said than done, but that’s what parent are for.

In conclusion, wearing a child for his/her school routine is an ongoing challenge. The secret is finding a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Always keeping in mind that child fashion has its own rules and the perfect description of a failure in this regard would be trying to replicate on our kids what we love and usually practice with our adults’ fashion habits.

*This is a collaborative guest post*

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