How to Make Yourself Look 10 Years Younger

Many of us would like to turn back time and look younger and healthier. While time travel may not actually be possible, there are certainly some ways to make yourself look younger and healthier. Here are the top five.


4 Reasons why Tuscany is a dreamy holiday destination for everybody

It doesn’t matter what colour your dream vacations have because Tuscany is so lively and soul-pleasing that it can accommodate everybody’s wish list. The beautiful Italian region with the captivating countryside, the fascinating Renaissance art, the imposing medieval castles and fortresses, and the internationally acclaimed cultural hubs feels like earth on heaven. And, although you have probably heard this phrase a lot of times before, in Tuscany’s situation, it’s nothing more than a mere understatement, as this part of Italy is simply bewildering on multiple levels.


Best Ways to Help Bloating Overnight

Do you find yourself frequently heading to bed feeling bloated, uncomfortable and even in pain? If you often go to bed bloated or wake up with stomach pains, it may be time to get to the bottom of the issue. Check out these Mega Clean detox reviews to turn things around. Many people struggle with frequent bloating as a result of gut health problems, poor eating habits, undiscovered food sensitivities and more. If you want to eliminate the problem and help ease your bloating overnight, check out the following insights.


Your Guide to Parenting a Teenager

Most parenting guidebooks centre on newborns and children; very rarely do they offer advice on parenting teens. However, teens are just as difficult as babies, maybe even more so because their needs are more difficult to ascertain. Parenting your teens doesn’t have to be a minefield. Read on for your guide to dealing with your wilful mini-adults.

Making Memories Last A Lifetime

A woman taking a photo on a mobile phone

The way we take photographs has changed a lot over the last few years. I think it’s fair to say that we live in a digital age and everything little thing we do is shared to social media from the little things in life to the big things. In some ways this is great especially if like us your family and friends live far away. They can keep up with everything that is going on in our lives and vice versa. It can also be a hindrance though. For me it has meant that I don’t text or ring people as often as I once did, and I don’t take as many photos as I used to either.


Moving To Yorkshire - The Most Ideal Places To Raise Your Kids

Finding a new home when you’re planning to raise a family can feel like a real challenge, especially when you’re searching for a place that you are confident that your children will be safe as well as having access to quality education. As well as this, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of career and job opportunities for yourself and your children as they get older plus a great and affordable property market. We’ve listed some of the best places you can move to in Yorkshire today and why they have become popular choices for people raising a family.

Ways To Help Relieve a Migraine

Did you know that around 10 million people in the U.K are affected by migraines? I didn’t know the exact figure but knew it must be relatively high as my husband and best friend suffer with them. Sometimes they can go months without one and then sometimes they can have them frequently and have many attacks close together.

Ways You Can Ease Your Worries as a Parent When Your Child Goes To University

A university student sat on steps with their grey laptop

It is hard as a parent to let your child go off on their own. You want to protect them and keep your child close. But at some point, you have to say goodbye and send them off on the adventure of a lifetime, college. You can do some things to ease your worries when your child leaves home for college. Here are tips that will help prepare you for this big step in life while also ensuring that your child enjoys themselves while away from home.


It’s All About Me and Getting More Time for Myself

It sounds selfish, doesn’t it? But honestly, it’s about time that I started putting myself first. I’m a mum of three, a wife and a pet owner who works from home so having any time to myself is a rarity.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was working all day and late into the night too and although I didn’t see it at the time it was having a huge impact on my life. I decided in January that I needed to make some changes and ensure that I had more time for myself and the things that I like to do. We are now 9 months on and although I have expanded my work significantly, I can say that I have successfully made more time for myself and I’m loving it.


Back to School: Dressing a 2021 Elementary School Pupil

The first day of school could be both a joy and a trauma for a child. It doesn’t matter if he/she has been properly prepared for that day: the impact with a new anthropological environment can still be harsh. That’s the reason why taking all the necessary measures to make him/her feel as much comfortable as he/she can be is almost mandatory for a parent. And of course, all these measures start from an adequate “dress code”. Therefore, it is no accident that many companies specialized in children clothing (like, for example, Billieblush) have been joined, in this specific sector of the global market, by huge brands that opened a division specially dedicated to children’s designed clothes (it is the case, among many others, of Hugo Boss kidswear).


What is a Modern Pergola?

a modern pergola
I’m sure you know what a traditional pergola is but what is a modern pergola? I’ve recently found out about these and needed to share them with you. I’ve always wanted to have a pergola in my back garden but never thought they were practical enough for “sunny” England.

Why would I install a traditional pergola in my garden if it’s always raining? I dreamt of having a pergola that could still give me shade but also protection from the rain, so I could use my back garden no matter what. This is where modern pergolas come in – the innovative version of traditional pergolas that allow you to properly enjoy your outdoor space.

What You Can Do With Shipton Mill Flour

It doesn’t seem like long ago that all the flour shelves at the supermarket were empty. Still can’t believe that, and don’t get me started about the scarce of toilet paper… Anyway, during those strange flourless months when everyone had the baking bug (me included!), I found myself searching online for any flour I could find. It was then that I came across Shipton Mill flour at Springvale Foods.

Are You Financially Stable to Have a Baby?

a woman holding a newborn baby's feet in her hands

It’s no secret that having a baby is expensive. It’s best to be in a good financial position before you begin having children. On average, in the UK, it costs a whopping £231,843 to raise a child to adulthood – according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research. You need to think past the first year of having a child and prepare for your baby’s future as well.

It can be overwhelming to think so far in advance and to see such enormous financial figures. Here are a few ways to make a financial plan for your family so that you can enjoy the best bits of being a parent.


How to make more money from blogging

You might have been making some little bits of money here and there from display ads and affiliate marketing but now you want to take your blog to the next level. I get it. Blogging is a great hobby but who wouldn’t want to make money from something they love to do? You might want some extra cash for your monthly grocery shopping, a romantic getaway or you might want to set up a piggy bank to save for your kid’s futures – either way, I’ve put together some ways to make more money from blogging.

Essential Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

Have you ever had to ask your neighbours for their screwdriver? Have you ever had to ask your handy friend for their wrenches? I know this too well, unfortunately. However, when I moved into my first home (a few years ago now), I decided to get a toolbox. Did I know what I needed? No. Did I know what I was doing? No. But I got a few different tools and then, if I needed another tool, I’d get it.

You might be on the same boat as I was a few years ago. You might want to buy a few tools but have no idea what you could need. You might not know that you need some tools but believe me, you do – whether you own or rent a house, something’s bound to break or need fixing. If it’s a small task you can do it, so it’s essential to have a few tools at hand.


What Makes A Great Family Car?

A child playing in a car in the snow

A great family car is one of the most valuable assets a family can ever possess. It is your ticket to a world of adventures while it also makes daily tasks far more convenient. School runs, grocery store trips and travel to activity clubs will all benefit from the right choice of vehicle.

With so many vehicles on the market, though, it can be difficult to find the perfect solution. The following checklist should lead you to the right solution.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

A man placing a ring on a woman's finger

Choosing an engagement ring can be hard. Sometimes it can be the make or break of this special occasion. After all you want to choose a ring that you and your fiancé will love.

If you and your partner are already engaged and going to buy a ring together or if you’re looking for a ring before popping that all important question you might be unsure what you're looking for. After all there are so many different rings to choose from which in itself can make the task daunting and let’s face it an engagement ring is one of the most important rings you will ever buy in your life.


6 Things You Need to Know About ADHD

A woman looking into the distance at the beach

ADHD treatment, awareness and diagnosis have all come a long way in the past few years. However, it is still an extremely individual journey for every person and family who finds themselves exploring what it means to have — or support someone with — ADHD. Therefore, it’s important to become as informed as possible by educating yourself about what it means to live with ADHD so you can support your child or family member as they learn and grow throughout the years. No matter how old your child is, you can always continue learning and assisting them along their journey in managing their ADHD. 

6 Simple Grilled Recipes to Add to Your Repertoire

grilled pork chop

Many people put their grills away after a final Labor Day cookout. However, with plenty of warm, sunny days ahead, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep yours out a bit longer. Save money on your utility bill and bid summer a fond farewell by enjoying the irresistibly smoky flavour of grilled meats, veggies and more. Add these simple recipes to your repertoire to whip up delicious weeknight meals in no time.

What You Need to Know About Surrogacy

A baby in a blanket

Surrogacy is different for every couple or person that undergoes the journey — whether we’re talking about the surrogates themselves or the parents who are growing their family. Although surrogacy has been around for a while, there are so many new developments and unique situations that can lead you to surrogacy and influence your surrogacy journey. If you’re curious about the basics of surrogacy, here are a few things you need to know.


Three Fantastic Crafting Ideas For Entertaining Kids On A Rainy Day

Every now and then when you have small kids, you can find yourself stuck inside and have no choice but to figure out some way to keep them entertained. Or at least stop them from destroying the house out of boredom. My personal favourite method, beyond having a glass of wine whilst they watch tv, is the tried-and-tested method of arts & crafts.


My Femmeluxe Favourites for September

A number of fabric leaf cut outs on a string in front of trees

Can you believe we are in September already? I’ve said it a lot, but it is crazy how fast this year is flying by. I know it’s too early to mention but I have been working on my Christmas gift guides and I can’t wait to share them with you in November. So far, we have some lovely products to showcase and I think that when you see the guides you will agree that there are some lovely gifts and I hope they give you some help if you are struggling with gift ideas.


5 ways to update your kitchen

A white kitchen with grey vinyl flooring

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I’m the person who does most of the cooking and I spend a lot of my free time baking delicious recipes including biscuits and cakes. I can often be heard telling my husband and kids to keep out of “my kitchen” as they only just get in the way when I’m busy. It is my space and I have everything the room just as I like it.


6 Fun And Exciting Children's Gifts That Can Be Enjoyed Outdoors

If your child’s birthday is coming up, you will have, no doubt, been bombarded with a list of the different gifts they want. When buying presents for your little one, you should see this as an opportunity to buy something that they will love while also choosing something that can benefit their health and well being. With so many children spending their days indoors on video games these days, opting for toys that encourage them to play outdoors is a great place to start. Here are some suggestions:


10 Tips to Live Up to a 100 Years – and Love it!

People have been scared of ageing since the beginning of time. That is why no one chooses to think of ageing or accept that they are ageing. There is a common stigma around it that scares youngsters. However, it is time to acknowledge that ageing does not necessarily mean a compromise on health.


Why You Need to Teach Your Children Inclusivity

Raising kids can have its challenging moments. You want your kids to grow up to be kind and compassionate. As they start school, they may notice children different from them. So, it‘s important to teach your kids about inclusivity.

7 Ways to Encourage Socially Distanced Playtime

Right now, it’s difficult to socialize with others because of the risk of virus transmission. You can take precautions, but it’s still dangerous to meet up with your child’s friends often because of the danger it poses.

Luckily, you can navigate the issue by choosing a few creative ways to allow your child to enjoy playtime even while socially distanced. While not everything listed is a solo activity, your child will learn the importance of staying safe and adhering to social distancing rules while having fun. 

10 Simple Kitchen Skills We All Should Have

Having basic cooking capabilities is essential for living independently. It’s also important once you have a family to provide for. Here are some simple kitchen skills everybody should have.

Smart Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting things! It's a huge life-changing event that brings a new life into the world. Parents want to celebrate the coming of their new baby in the best ways possible.

There are so many creative ways to enjoy this time with family and friends both during pregnancy and after the new baby's arrival. Of course, with COVID-19, not all new families could celebrate the birth of their new child with other people. Much of the partying and celebration had to be virtual. It's never too late to celebrate, though, so if you are one of those pandemic parents, you can still celebrate this year!

5 Ways to Look After Your Eyes

Our eyes are an incredibly important part of the body. Looking after them is relatively low maintenance, but there are several things which you should be aware of to ensure your eyes serve you well for many years. Here are some of the ways you can look after your eyes.