Work burnout: signs and treatment

woman sat at a laptop with her head in her hands

You start for your job and feel that you need to make a superhuman effort to get there. When you get there, you look at your schedule for minutes without doing anything, trying to find the will and energy to start working.

But even when you manage to get an essential piece of work done, the feeling of hopelessness and despair remains deep inside you. A sense similar to that of hamsters when they run on the wheel, without eventually going anywhere and without taking the initiative to get off it. As if you are trapped in a vicious circle.

Are you jealous of people who are happy with their job? Don't want to get out of bed to go to work? Does the thought of what you have to do tomorrow cause you strong negative emotions every day?

Do you work to live, or do you live to work? Today, in the age of daily stress and increased professional demands, in the age when many of us do not live but exist, the burnout syndrome is becoming more and more relevant. But that does not mean you have to learn to live with it.

Work can be said to be essential for improving our quality of life. It is the creation and completion of our personality. On the other hand, it can be pretty stressful and tiring to the point where it sucks all our energy, and we return exhausted from it.

What you can do to deal with burnout

Set Priorities

Exhaustion at work shows signs that something important in your life is not as you would like it to be. The more important the work, the more important you are. So, if you are not mentally and physically well, then you will definitely not be good at your job. Prioritize yourself and not just your job. Recognize and redefine your needs, wants and goals and record them in order of priority. Rediscover the things that make you happy and give yourself time to rest.

Talk to others

When you experience intense work exhaustion, problems and thoughts seem so impossible that they do not allow you to act in order to help yourself. But you have more control over work stress than you think. One way to ease your stress is to talk to someone you trust. This trusted person will not necessarily solve your problem, but a good listener will definitely help you calm down and calm your stress without judging you. Try not to isolate yourself from your loved ones. Sharing your worries is also a way to get even closer.

Change the way you work

How many times has it crossed your mind to leave it all and start something new. This is one way to get rid of all that stress, but it is not always possible. Whatever your job position, there are other ways to improve your mental state. You can try to change your work environment.

For example, you can choose to work from home a few days a week if possible. This is possible if you are doing a flexible and free job like that of a voice actor. A voice actor can work from the comfort of his own home, provided he owns the recording equipment. Now working with a company like Voquent, he can undertake hundreds of projects to develop in his field.

By changing your negative attitude towards work, you can find motivation again and regain a sense of control. This can be done by focusing on the small positive things that can give you pleasure. Focus on things that please you. These can be helping someone or even talking to your co-workers during the break.

*This is a collaborative post*


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