Helping Your Child With Their Creative Writing Skills

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Creative writing helps your child with their English writing ability, essay writing and even during exams. It’s the foundation of a lot of a child’s studies but is also a great hobby that children can get into if they’re keen to pursue writing in the future.

To help your child with their writing skills, here are some top tips from this independent school in Herts.

Let your child take part in reading challenges

A lot of libraries and schools will have events and challenges for students to take part in. It’s a way of bringing children together by looking at different novels, stories and writing styles - be it fictional novels or nonfiction books. Reading more stories and expanding a child’s vocabulary and learning more about different writing styles and grammar will enable them to write more succinctly and to develop their imagination.

Provide your child with a place to brainstorm

Part of a child’s imagination is built from the environment it’s in, whether it’s a quiet space to write their thoughts down or by giving them some space in the garden to wonder. Allow them the free time to write their ideas down, even if it’s in note form at first, so that they can then build upon these ideas.

If your child enjoys art in any form, from doodling to painting, it can also help with their creative flow. Encouraging them to engage in different art forms will really help their planning and inspiration through creative writing.

Use games to spark their creativity

There are heaps of games you can buy that encourage players to create scenarios and the next player has to add to the story. Games like these can bring a person’s imagination to life by being able to think on the spot about the next part of a story. Challenging your child in games like these will get them to think about stories they’d like to write of their own.

Encourage your child to write, even if they’re small notes

Every little bit helps, and so if your child wants to improve their creative writing skills they should try to write a little bit on their own accord each day. It doesn’t matter if what they write doesn’t make sense in note form, but they can build from that later on. Other subtle ways to help your child’s writing ability is letting them write shopping lists, birthday cards and more, to get them enticed to write in other ways.

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