Three Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained in Summer

A child playing lego

School’s out, for now.

And though they’re due to go back soon, there’s still a way to go for our kids, who are slowly starting to lose interest in the distractions that have kept them occupied all lockdown long.

That means for parents, it’s time to get inventive. Finding new ways to entertain the kids is a lifelong challenge, but we hope these three tips see you through the last of the summer holidays.


Wanting to Move? Things You Might Want to Consider First

To say the last 18 months have been unsettled is an understatement. I think it’s safe to say that every industry and business has been affected in one way or another and the housing market didn’t escape unscathed. Building work still carried on but it took longer to get supplies and anyone wanting to purchase a house had to wait longer too.


Bank Holiday Baking Fun - Cherry Jammy Biscuits

What have you got planned this bank holiday weekend? Are you going out with your family and friends or are you planning on having a lazy few days instead? Perhaps you're planning to catch up on a boxset or maybe you fancy getting busy in the kitchen. 


5 Reasons You Should Play Outside With Your Kids

Kids and the outdoors go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you put a child outside to play, they will find something to do, even if it’s in an open field. Children are hardwired to use their imaginations and be active - you just have to nurture that trait instead of allowing them to become sedentary and dependent on technology.

9 Things to Do to Support Your Children’s Mental Health

Parents do everything possible to keep their kids safe, happy and healthy. You probably take them to doctor appointments, get their teeth checked once a year, offer them nutritious foods and snacks and ensure that they’re getting a good education. However, how often do you think about your children’s mental health?


Win One of Three Tesco Vouchers

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7 Golden Rules for an Even-Stronger Family Bond

Creating a happy family is not always easy and does require constant effort and attention. Of course, during the time together, you, your spouse, and your children can go through more and less happy periods. Nonetheless, you should always strive to bring back balance, happiness, and serenity into your family. Here are some golden rules to start applying today to create an even happier, tighter family.


The Best Places to Visit on the Yorkshire Coastline

Whitby, North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is known for its vast moorlands, historic towns and charming northern accent. Yorkshire is home to the rugged Heritage Coast of the North York Moors, and a whole host of breath-taking beaches.

Spend a weekend visiting the quaint rural villages or basking in the sea air along the coast. Yorkshire is worth taking the time to visit – especially if you like old school horror movies and British history. Here are the best places to see on Yorkshire’s coastline.


A Bit of This and a Bit of That…

Can you believe we are halfway through the summer holidays? It seems to be flying by doesn’t it? In some ways I can’t wait for the start of the school term but in others I’m dreading it.

It’s nice to have the boys at home and I’m especially loving the calmer, quieter mornings. That being said though I can’t wait to get back to my normal daily routine as my exercising and working routines have fallen by the wayside – they always do when the kids are at home so I’m not overly bothered as I know I’ll pick them back up. I’m also excited to see how my eldest son gets on in 6th Form College. He did amazing in his GCSE’s and we are so proud and can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes him.


Common Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

The UK housing market has new entrants on the scene looking to buy their first-ever property every year. Aside from the usual excitement that comes with it, it is worth mentioning that the process is quite stressful, and 40% agree that getting a mortgage can be complex. In addition to that, many first-timers are unable to steer clear of common mistakes others have made. This article is a compilation of some of these pitfalls, with solutions on how to avoid them.


Gifting For The Whole Family: How To Find Something For Everyone

A pile of presents

Not everyone enjoys shopping for gifts. That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy giving them or making people happy, it’s just a difficult time wracking your brain, trying to think of something a loved one needs or wants. You can’t even ask them what they want, as you’ll ruin the surprise or even show a lack of consideration. In turn, buying for an entire group of people such as various family members of different age groups can feel like a nightmare. Check out these tips for buying for the whole family and finding something to suit everyone.

Travelling to Sweden – Things You Should See and Do

Gamla Stan in Sweden

My husband and I have great plans for when the boys grow up and leave home. We want to travel wherever we can. Our dream is to own a motorhome so that we can go away as often as we like both at home and abroad.

I really want to visit Scandinavia with Sweden being first on my travel list. I would love to visit Swedish Lapland and I’m certain my husband would love to go fishing for Pike at one of the many beautiful lakes that the country has to offer.


Aura Print Business Card Review

As a blogger there are certain things that we use almost every day and others that we only use / need every so often. For example, every day I send emails and most days I send at least one invoice. Business cards are not an essential item for us and unlike other businesses, we probably won’t hand them out as often but they do make it easier to network when at press events and conferences. I also think it makes you look more professional when someone asks for your details and you can give them one of your professionally printed cards rather than a tatty piece of paper with your details scribbled on in haste.

Exploring STEM Subjects With Your Child

STEM subjects are the key foundations of a child’s learning experience. They encompass the most important parts of a child’s education through science and maths and each branch of these subjects. In this guide from this private school in Hammersmith, we take a look at the key areas of STEM subjects and how you can help your child with their progression.

Helping Your Child With Their Creative Writing Skills

Someone writing Be Positive on a piece of white paper

Creative writing helps your child with their English writing ability, essay writing and even during exams. It’s the foundation of a lot of a child’s studies but is also a great hobby that children can get into if they’re keen to pursue writing in the future.

To help your child with their writing skills, here are some top tips from this independent school in Herts.


Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum

Stationery items including a maths set, erasers and pens

For parents, it’s helpful to have knowledge of what your child is learning about in school, not only so that you can help them with any studying but also so that you can guide them along the right paths when they’re older and taking their exams.

Children in the UK will be split into 4 key stages until they reach their A-Levels, where they have the choice to attend college, pursue A-Levels or look at entering full-time employment. As this senior school in Hampshire will discuss, here are the key features of each key stage in your child’s school years to be aware of.

Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

A young boy sat on a pier reading a booking

As kids, we all experience peer pressure, but there are ways to combat it for your own children when they learn the signs and how to act when dealing with uncomfortable situations. Here’s some top advice from this independent school in Surrey with ways to help your child with pressure among friends.


Win A Personalised Retro Sweet Hamper

A mixture of Swizzel Sweets including refreshers, love hearts, fizzers and rainbow drops

When you think about retro sweets what comes to mind? For me it's Love Hearts, Refreshers and Drumstick Lollies - these were firm favourites of mine as a child and I have to admit that even now I still love Refreshers and Love Hearts.


Planning Your Wedding – Some of the Little but Big Things You Might Overlook

A bride and Groom on their wedding day

I got married in New York with just four people present and for me personally it was the most perfect day and the wedding I always wanted. We had thought about having a big wedding with all our family attending, but it would have ended up with a crazy amount of people (I have 54 cousins just on my mums side and my husband has a similar number too), so there was no way we could invite everyone. It would have been both extremely expensive and an utter nightmare to try to organise as I would hate to be the person who had to pick and choose who came and where everyone would be seated. Many of my family have successfully organised big weddings or whittled their guest lists down to just those they wanted there but for me it gave me sleepless nights and endless worry, so in the end we decided to elope.


Top Yorkshire Holiday Parks On Offer

4 adults walking on a beach in Yorkshire

If you’re looking for that perfect location for your holiday this year, look no further than the unparalleled and beautiful Yorkshire!

Home to some of the most stunning country walks and dazzling beaches in all of the UK, Yorkshire is one of the best spots on offer for a family holiday, or even just a quiet getaway with your loved one. No matter what kind of holiday you’re looking for, you can find it here with Breakfree Holidays.


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Curating A Perfect Study Area Just For You

A man sat at a desk, working on a laptop, next to a bed

No matter if committing to learning autonomously, trying to get coursework done or hoping to submit a large work project, we all need a place to study, to reflect, and to commit to lessons that help us learn and apply concepts going forward. No matter if you simply have an interest in history you like attending to in your free time, or you’re trying to get that graduate course completed, it’s worth investing a little in your study space.

Yet of course, a study space is not necessarily the same as a thoroughly cared for home office. You might not have the funds to outright purchase a top of the line desk and ergonomic furniture seen in abundance at the top architectural firms. For this reason, knowing how to curate your study space so that it aids you in your work rather than detracts from it can be important.


Work burnout: signs and treatment

woman sat at a laptop with her head in her hands

You start for your job and feel that you need to make a superhuman effort to get there. When you get there, you look at your schedule for minutes without doing anything, trying to find the will and energy to start working.

But even when you manage to get an essential piece of work done, the feeling of hopelessness and despair remains deep inside you. A sense similar to that of hamsters when they run on the wheel, without eventually going anywhere and without taking the initiative to get off it. As if you are trapped in a vicious circle.