Why Companies Should Work With Bloggers and Influencers

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When people ask me about my job, I tell them that I’m a blogger as that is exactly what I am. I don’t see myself as an influencer (although many would probably say that bloggers are). I’m often met with a surprised look and even more so when I tell them that I earn a good income from my work. I’m not sure why this is, and I’ve never really given it much thought, to be honest.

I have been blogging for almost 10 years now and there have been many changes in that time. At the start, it gave me a platform to share my day-to-day life with our family who lives far away and now it gives me an income that supports my family. It is still the place where I share my tales and all the things that I love just with a few more people than before. It fits around my responsibilities, and I can work around my husbands shift patterns and the boy's school hours.

If you are looking to work with bloggers and/or influencers do your research first - there are so many influencers and bloggers now as the industry has really taken over in the last few years.

Firstly, look at their social media accounts and see if they fit with your brand. you could use an agency that works with both brands and influencers. Some (if not most) platforms have influencer profiles available for you to look at. This means you can see who will be a good fit for both your brand and your campaign.

I think it’s great that there are more and more companies using bloggers and influencers to help advertise their goods and services. Some of the many reasons why companies should embrace the use of bloggers/influencers are...

They have a good following

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Brands tend to work with bloggers and influencers who have the biggest followings. This makes sense as everyone wants their brand to be seen by lots of people. It can be hard to get a great following unless you are a reality tv star or celebrity and it can take years to build up a huge following and a good reputation. For this reason, most influencers are careful as to what they promote. An influencer who genuinely cares about their followers, their image and credibility will not promote something which they haven’t tried themselves.

A blogger/influencer should never buy followers or use a bot to generate followers as this is deceptive and doesn’t give them a real audience. Most companies want to see genuine interaction as this shows how well a campaign is going.

They are good at what they do

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Bloggers and influencers often run in the same circles, we often work with the same brands and companies on collaborations. If you are a long-term reader you will know that I write mainly on the blog (about myself, my husband and our children) but that I also share my work on social media channels too. Sometimes I am contacted to create work just on social media but not often as these aren’t my chosen outlets and if you look at my social media you would see that too.

They are cheaper

Bloggers and influencers although charge a fee for their work they are generally cheaper than using media outlets such as TV, radio, and local advertising. Well written blog posts will also gain good SEO over time and will keep readers old and new coming back to the content that was produced.

They produce unique content

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No two bloggers are the same so even when given the same campaign brief you will get different content whether it be a photo shared to social media or a blog post written the content produced will be unique. This is great for brands, especially if they are working with a number of people as they then get lots of different media produced rather than just one single outlet.

*This is a collaborative post*

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