When Should You Apply To Extend A Visa?


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How to extend discretionary leave to remain? Has your visa expired, however, you would like to remain in the country? Lots of individuals find themselves in this place. They do not want to return to their home country, so they need to apply for entry clearance so they can subsequently have a possibility of coming back. Other individuals have created their life and also a family in the nation and don't want to give this up. There are then people that desire a better standard of living. There are numerous motives for desiring to stay once your visa has expired, and the great news is if this applies to you then you might have your wishes granted by applying for discretionary leave to remain. Keep reading to find out more regarding the procedure and ways to remain in the nation with this particular application...

First, let us start by describing more about discretionary leave to remain. There are now many men and women in the country who are labelled as 'overstayers'. It's projected the amount might be anything in excess of one million! An overstayer is basically an individual that's staying in a state illegally as their visa has expired. You aren't defined as an illegal entrant. After all, you came into the state lawfully, whether you had a visitor visa or you had expert help to apply for a K3 visa, and so you didn't use means of deception. Therefore, you end up in a place whereby you may be given some leeway.

So, what really is discretionary leave to remain? It is all in the name actually - you're essentially asking that discretion is exercised in your favour by the Secretary of State in order to remain in the state. There are several different reasons for being allowed this, however, the Human Rights Act 1998 is the most typical. It says that authorities have to honour the person's family/private life.

Do you feel the life you've made would be ruined if you were made to depart the country? If so, you’ll be wondering how to extend discretionary leave to remain? Regardless of what your situation may be or your motives for needing to stay in the United Kingdom, seeking professional help is a must.

Look for a private immigration company that has got unique relationships with the finest immigration lawyers in this area of the law. They should assign you to the very best specialist for your case particularly so that you've got the finest possibility of being permitted to remain in the country. They'll help you with your application for discretionary leave to remain and they are even able to submit it on your own behalf. You can also make the most of a free immediate appraisal at some businesses, which is accessible on their site. Enter the specifics about your case and they will return to you as soon as they can with an honest response concerning the strength of your claim.

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