Top Tips for Preparing Your Children for Long Trips in the Car


A woman placing her baby in a car seat in a car

There is no doubt about it – when you have young children and a lot of things you need to take away with you, one of the best ways to travel is by car. You will be able to go out at your own pace, and will have your own car to be able to get out and about around your destination. However, you need to think about how your children are going to cope with the long trip.

Find the Right Seat

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the right car seats for your children. Not only must they keep them safe, but you should also ensure that they are comfortable for them to sit in. It is important that you fully investigate the range of car seats available on the market.

Ideally, you should have one that would suit them from birth up until they can sit without a booster seat. There are many car seats available that allow for this flexibility, and it can be a good choice to make in terms of a purchase when you buy a seat for your child initially. If they have a comfortable place to rest, they are more likely going to be able to enjoy the ride without getting too cranky.

Have Snacks and Drinks Available

If you know that you have a car ride ahead of you that is likely to take more than an hour, you should make sure that you have a range of healthy snacks and drinks on offer. You might have plans to stop somewhere for lunch or to grab a more substantial bite to eat, but that can quickly become derailed if you hit a traffic jam. This can lead to your children becoming hungry and frustrated. Having some snacks on hand that will not make a mess but will keep your children satiated will be the way to go.

Two children sat in the back of a car with toys to play with

Have Games Ready

Not everyone likes to just pass a tablet and a set of headphones back and allow their children to zone out while they drive. This might be a good option sometimes, but you might also want to keep your children feeling present and engaged during the trip.

For this reason, you should try to come up with some games that you can play together while driving. Classic car games like I-Spy have their merit, and can be used to make a long delay like a traffic jam, or even just a seemingly never-ending trip down winding country roads that little bit easier to manage.

Make sure that you speak to your children so they understand that this will be a long trip in the car, but it will be worth it at the end. Open communication is always a must here. Things might go wrong, and there is a strong chance that you could end up in a situation where your little ones could become grumpy and upset. However, you should hopefully be able to get through your journey with as few issues as possible.

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