A Few of the Things to Consider Before Bringing a Dog into Your Home

A golden retriever puppy looking to the left with a blue bowl nearby

There is a reason for the saying that a dog is mans best friend. They are loyal, they offer companionship, and they can often give some people a reason to live.

We have always had dogs in our home, and I honestly do not know where we would be without one here. At the minute we only have one dog but until recently we have always had two. We are undecided if we will get another dog or a puppy at the current time, but it is certainly something we will consider in the future.

If you are considering adding a dog to your family for the first time, there are a few things you should consider before making the leap. If you also have a female dog, check out this guide on how to care for your pregnant dog.

They are a huge commitment

Dogs can live for a long time. Please take this into consideration when you are thinking about adding one to your family. When you go on holiday if you can't take them with you they need to be placed in the care of someone who will take good care of them. Never buy a puppy as a present for a child. They soon lose their cute factor and children lose interest quickly. 

They are expensive

Prices for dogs and puppies has never been so high. The sad thing is that a high price doesn’t guarantee a healthy puppy – please do your research and ask the breeder lots of questions before committing to buying a puppy.

You should always ensure that you have pet insurance for your dog as they can have accidents or become ill without any warning – vets bills are expensive should you need to seek a vet in an emergency or if your pet should become ill with a long term condition.

The cost of pet food, beds, toys and other things that your pet may need (worming, flea treatment and injections) can add up over time, if you have a low budget and struggle already please consider this before adding a pet to your outgoings.

A brown dog sat in dog bed under a grey blanket

They sleep a lot

Although many people think that getting a dog means lots of fun it also means that you have something else to look after in your home. A dog needs to sleep for between 12 and 15 hours a day and a puppy needs more. You should be able to provide your dog with a safe, quite and relaxing place to sleep. For more information about the amount of sleep a dog needs / making the ideal sleeping place for your pooch visit the Sleep for Dogs campaign or search for the #SleepForDogs Hashtag.

They need your time

If you work long hours or are out of your home for long periods of time a dog is probably not the pet for you at the minute. They need their human to look after them, play with them and spend time with them. A bored dog can also be very destructive and if not trained can have issues later with trust and obedience.

Do you have a dog at home or are you considering getting on soon?

*This is a collaborative post*

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