Quick-Step to Perfection

a white bathroom suite sat on grey title effect vinyl flooring

Are you constantly looking for the right colour and feel for your home? It always feels like you need to know that anything you choose must be able to withstand all of the changes you have the urge to place through your home.

Whilst many home design options present style and sophistication, items that can last upwards of twenty years are very slim. However, if one option could go that far it would be luxury vinyl flooring.

By now you may have been warned about the rapid-paced disintegration of real hardwoods, stone, ceramics and carpets within the home. The difference with vinyl flooring, however, is that they are fully protected against most threats of ageing, along with being left with huge quantities of suitable options to decorate with.

Protected Against All

Most carpets or wooden floors suffer a fate within the first week that requires an expensive fix.

This ranges from those pesky liquids being spilt or food being dropped onto the floor, all the way to chips and cuts. Most household carpets are instantly left with a lasting stain or discolouration from too many washes with specialist chemicals to remove the offending party. When you begin to calculate all of the products bought to try and get perfection back you are already out of pocket and left with an eyesore.

Vinyl flooring planks and tiles are a product designed to take the stress out of maintaining your floor and incorporate a wealth of protective properties woven into its design.

Should any liquids or food threaten this flooring, your regular household products can restore to their immaculate state. From a household mop and warm soapy water to a quick sweep with a brush, you can leave your floor looking just as it was without any money spent on specialist cleaning products to remove the stain.

wood effect vinyl flooring in a modern kitchen

Looks as Good, Feels as Good

We know you love those hardwoods, and so does Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl, which is why they worked hard to create the perfect replica without the downsides.

From wood to stone to porcelain designs, vinyl flooring offers something truly for everyone. In today’s marketplace, construction materials such as wood are getting more and more expensive and harder to get in supply, so it makes sense to get the same style as a cheaper alternative.

The amount of options is only limited to the image you have for your home, so if you are in the market for the best product, choose luxury vinyl tile flooring.

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