Parental Pointers To Ensure Take Off On Your Child's Overseas Studies

As parents, our ability to support our children’s lifestyle choices is imperative to developing decent relationships and generally doing the right thing. Sometimes, this support comes in the shape of small gestures, like accepting questionable style choices. Other times, it relates to bigger-hitting topics, such as educational decisions like a desire to study abroad, which can often come out of the left field, and isn’t always as easy to adapt to.


According to the latest studies, well over 34,000 UK students study abroad each year for a wide range of benefits that include access to top-level education, exposure to new cultures, and a level of responsibility that’s difficult to come by during education closer to home. While it can be difficult to part from your child at this formative, you must support them in this, as in everything else, by taking the following steps to help this dream (which is often not exactly planned out!) to become a reality.

Help them find the best location

Most of us grow up knowing the best universities in our areas, but the scope of global education can be incredibly daunting. Unfortunately, the pull of sun, sea and picturesque locations can often see youngsters making questionable decisions here, but it’s always worth pointing them towards the top-ranking locations for overseas studies based on both their specialisation and the ranking of the country in question. For instance, New Zealand often comes out on top, due to an impressive 8 universities that rank in the world’s top 3%, while locations like Spain, Thailand, and Canada are also considered as fantastic locations for advancement.

Consider the legalities

When children imagine studying in sunny climates, they rarely think about the legal processes necessary to get them there. In reality, though, applying for student visas with the help of an immigration lawyer well in advance of college commencement is essential for making this a real possibility. Your child should ideally apply and send off their passport and college letter of acceptance at least two months ahead of their departure to leave room for any glitches or setbacks so that they don’t miss those all-important first days for making friends and settling in.

Paving the way for extra costs

Lower living expenses and cheaper study in general often means that overseas study is an affordable option, but students also need to factor in flights and accommodation that can soon see expenses here soaring. Luckily, the UK government provides the same student financing options for overseas students as those studying closer to home. Your child should also be eligible for travel grants, which don’t have to be paid back and can be a huge help for covering any extra travel expenses.

Saying goodbye to a child entering higher education is always difficult, but kissing them goodbye at the airport takes it to an entirely different level. That said, the transformative power of study experiences like this is well worth the heartache, so it’s past time that you implemented these pointers to turn your child’s overseas studying dreams into a reality.

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