Overcoming the Elements With Gamma

A man and a woman wearing Gamma jackets walking in the snow

People who live in unpredictable climates struggle to choose the right outfit. Wearing only a t-shirt can be risky, as you never know when heavy rain might fall. Likewise, bulky jackets slow you down and can lead to profuse sweating.

A much preferable choice would be a waterproof garment that’s still light enough to keep you cool, and that’s where Gamma comes into play. It’s a graphene-infused, conveniently sized jacket that boasts excellent insulation. Here’s what makes it a great option for everyday use.

Exceptional Thermoregulation and Heating

Made of graphene, Gamma offers fantastic thermoregulating properties. Through a latticed structure, the jacket adapts to your body to determine the optimal temperature. When it’s chilly outside, it distributes heat throughout your upper body to maintain warmth. On slightly hotter days, it expels excess heat and wicks moisture to keep you cool.

This feature makes it ideal for commuters. You can wear it to work without worrying about sweating and unpleasant smells. The jacket features powerful antimicrobial properties to fend off odour-causing bacteria. Coupled with effective thermoregulation, it ensures high comfort levels throughout the day.

If the weather abruptly becomes frigid, you can activate the built-in heaters. Within half a minute, they raise your body temperature to provide extra warmth. There are also three adjustable settings, allowing you to select the desired amount of heat.

Waterproof and Wind-Resistant

Gamma helps eliminate another concern associated with unpredictable weather – rainfall. The surface is entirely waterproof, keeping you dry even if you’re going through a monsoon. The zippers are water-resistant to deliver extra safety to your possessions.

Furthermore, the jacket resists powerful winds of up to 50 miles per hour. It also comes with adjustable drawstrings in the waist and hood to offer more security.

A group of people sat around a campfire wearing black Gamma Jackets


Inadequate clothing makes you more exposed to UV radiation. It can have many adverse effects, such as sunburn.

Fortunately, Gamma helps you avoid this problem. It has a sun protection factor of over 100 to shield you from dangerous UV rays and cool you down.

Lightweight Design

Due to such robust protection, you’d think that Gamma weighs as much as cumbersome coats. However, the reality is completely the opposite.

Weighing only around one pound, the jacket is no heavier than a regular hoodie. As a result, it doesn’t overburden you, and you can store it in your backpack or travel bag without taking up too much space.

Terrific Durability

Despite the lightweight build, Gamma is as robust as it gets. It derives its durability from graphene, one of the strongest materials on the globe. It’s even more powerful than diamonds, endowing the jacket with outstanding robustness.

While wearing the garment, you don’t have to be concerned about virtually any form of damage. It can withstand tears, abrasions, punctures, scuffs, as well as knives.

You can also put it in your washing machine on a regular cycle, and it’ll look just as good without losing its protective features. There won’t be any harm to the heaters, either, since they don’t contain batteries or electrical components.

Multifunctional Pocket System

Another great thing about Gamma is that it has a large number of pockets – 10 in total. Two of these are hidden to keep your documents and money safe when on the go. There’s also plenty of room for your phone, snacks, chargers, and other valuable belongings.

Gamma Provides Ultimate Protection

Gamma is the ideal solution for people living in areas prone to inclement weather. Apart from keeping you at the desired temperature, it also safeguards against moisture, UV rays, and wind. Due to premium durability, heavy-duty use is no match for the jacket, either. Check out the men’s and women’s designs and pre-order your GAMMA at weargraphene.com

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