Making a Video Game Themed Bedroom on a Budget

A boy playing on a Nintendo Switch

Children’s tastes change often as they grow Sometimes, they like the same things for a long time, but sometimes they change their minds more often than they change their socks. This can be influenced by their parents, siblings, friends, and the TV programmes that they watch.

This can often mean a lot of guilt and expense for parents who want to always please their children. When they are small often it is the parents who make the choices regarding their toys, clothes, and d├ęcor within the home. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like decorating, so I have always tried not to follow trends and go for the things we like rather than “in the now”.

When the boys were younger, they had a Thomas the Tank Engine themed room, they had the bedding, curtains, accessories and a beautifully painted room with a Thomas and Friends border. When we moved, they had moved onto other things, and we decided that we wouldn’t give them themed rooms anymore until they were much older.

Now they are much older, the only things they are interested in are their computer games, consoles, and YouTube. It makes buying presents easier in some respects (although it’s much more expensive than it used to be) we have said that when we next decorate their rooms (it’s planned for this summer / early autumn). They have a few ideas mulling around at the minute and although the eldest is quite happy with a new lick of paint and a couple of posters on the wall, the younger to have asked if they can have a bedroom that is videogame related.

If you are planning a video game-related bedroom like us, there are a few things you could add. All are relatively cheap and will not break the bank.

Add a lick of paint - Freshen up the walls and woodwork before you do anything else. This will make any room feel bigger and brighter straightaway. You could stencil or paint their favourite characters onto the walls if you are good with a paintbrush.

Add some wall art or retro posters - My boys love tacking posters to their walls (I think they get that from me as my teenage bedroom was covered in posters of boybands). By adding a couple of pieces of wall art to their walls it will make them stand out. You could opt to tack them or frame them depending on the look you or your child was going for.

Add curtains, bedding, and a small rug – my boys love Fortnite and Minecraft but they also love their console. Recently they spotted PlayStation and Xbox bedding and have asked for these for their beds – the only problem is that they both don’t like the same console one is Xbox, and the other is PlayStation, but that is an argument they can have between themselves if they don’t want to match then that’s fine with me it is their room after all.

Add furniture – If they don’t already have one you could add a gaming station to their bedroom. Most teenagers these days have more consoles/games than they know what to do with. By having a storage system in place, it will hopefully mean that their room is kept tidier – I can dream right?

Add accessories – These days gaming is a popular pastime. There are so many things’ games related you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating any room. There are lights and controller holders that are from favourite game franchises. If you have a Super Mario or Crash Bandicoot fan in your home they would love a light up smash box, cushion or ornamental figure.

Do you have a game mad teen who wants a video game themed room? If so, are you planning their room or have you already done one? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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