How to Create a Home Office on a Budget

A home office set up consisting of a computer sat on a desk in front of the window

Last year we were all told, “if you can work from home, you must do so to stop the spread of Coronavirus”. Fast forward 19 months and many of us are still working from home with no plans to go back to an office environment.

Some people, like myself, have always worked from home so there is no change for us, however for others, like my brother-in-law, they have been given the option to permanently work from home and he is seriously considering it.

A home office means you can separate your work and home life and have a quiet place so that you are able to complete your work without the distractions that being at home can often have.

However, if you don’t already have an office at home, you might be thinking of ways to have one. The easiest option is if you have a spare room, you’re not using that can be converted into an office space. If this isn’t an option, why not consider a shed or summer house in the garden – just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it and make it a cosy working space.

Clear the space

Before you start working in your office, clear the space. Remove anything that you don’t need. A clutter-free space will help you to work better. Why not sell any unwanted furniture or donate it to a charity shop instead.

a cuttered desk covered in books and papers


Once you have cleared all the clutter why not give your new office space a lick of paint so that it’s fresh and bright ready for you starting work in your very own area. Choose colours that are neutral and light so that it gives the illusion that the room is big and airy. If you do want to add colour to your room why not have a feature wall painted a different colour or papered with your favourite wallpaper design. Again, try not to use a busy pattern or dark coloured paper the last thing you need is a distraction whilst trying to work.

Add new flooring

Whilst you are decorating you might decide to change the flooring. If your office is a shared space (dining room or corner of the living room) you might consider adding new flooring. Why not consider laminate, vinyl or a carpet. The best thing about working from home for me is that I can wear what I want and I can walk around in my slippers all day every day.  

A home office set up in front of a window

Add Furniture

You might need new furniture for your office space. If you use a computer, you will certainly need a desk and chair. Make sure you buy an office chair that will support your back. As you will be working from home any exercise you gained from your commute to work will now be non-existent. You should make time to exercise each day but if not why not consider a standing desk or perhaps an under desk exercise bike, this will ensure that you get some exercise and will help towards your daily step counter.

Do you have a home office? If so, I’d love to hear all about in the comments below.

*This is a collaborative post*

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