Decorating Ideas To Instantly Add Character To Your New Build

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A commonly discussed downside to new build homes is their lack of character. Compared to an old Victorian property for example, new builds lack the obvious history, high ceilings, and quirky designs. But that’s not to say they’re a bad option to buy—far from it. Customisability and design input during the building process, as well as the structural warranties and higher levels of safety make new builds popular choices. But how can you keep your new build from falling into the trap of looking a bit too much like a show-home? Check out our tips below for some inspiration!

Stand Out Walls 

It’s easy to be drawn into the idea of choosing muted, neutral colours throughout your home as it’s seen as the safest option. Let’s face it, a grey palette is going to work with just about all of your décor, but it doesn’t exactly pop. Why not try changing things up with a feature wall, such as a full picture wall? With a wall filled with art and photos, it will not really matter what’s underneath as your eyes will be drawn to the artwork. Or why not go all out and make your walls completely black? This might sound like a decorating sin, but very dark wall colours help your other decorations stand out, especially if they are bright, contrasting colours. Don’t forget though, make sure you have some decent natural light flooding into the room. Consider some large wall mirrors if you need to give the place a boost.

Replace Windows 

Another way of tackling the natural light issue, and giving your home a lovely bit of character, is to change up your windows. Generic, plastic framed windows in modern properties may do their job very well, but they don’t possess the same glamour of old Georgian sash windows, for example. These large, heavy wooden frames can provide your room with that extra bit of light and serve as talking point for guests. Make sure you purchase from master craftsmen like those at Hinson in Milton Keynes. You’ll want to be certain that your windows are bespoke, handcrafted, and resilient, so you know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Unique Décor 

Finding some unusual items and furniture for your home is a great way to keep the place looking fresh and interesting. Checking out the work of independent designers and crafters across the country, who make their products by hand, is a great place to start. This is the best way to be sure that your new shelving unit or table lamp is one of only a few, if not the only one in the world!

Homage To A Past Age 

Lastly, consider adding a touch of a bygone era to your new home. Fitting items such as picture rails and ceiling roses are an amazing way of giving your home an older feel. Alongside these fittings, you could even add some trinkets, your favourite retro artwork, or even filament light bulbs to really make the place special.

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