8 Best water sports to try at Santorini

A street in AKROTIRI, Santorini

Santorini is known worldwide for its absolutely heart-stopping sunsets. However, the Queen of the Cyclades also welcomes visitors to pristine, crystalline waters. Combined with the volcanic landscape (both above the water and below), wild beauty, and the unique scenery that characterises the island, one can understand that any kind of water sport gets a different flair than anywhere else. For that reason, you will find plenty of water sports facilities along the Santorini coastline offering lessons, equipment, and guidance. Even if you are an amateur, trying a water sport will make your Santorini luxury holidays the most complete experience! Here are some ideas to boost your Santorini endeavours.

  • Snorkeling in Santorini – A snorkeling safari will enable you to explore the richness of the Santorini submarine world from the surface. There are plenty of snorkeling spots around the island and tours that will take you to some of the most popular local attractions, such as the famous Black Mountain and the Red Beach.
  • Scuba diving in Santorini – This activity allows you to submerge into an entirely new dimension as certified divers and Padi instructors teach you the hows of scuba diving. Then, you are free to sink in the impressive Santorini aquatic world safely and lay eyes on unique sights, including underwater volcanic caves, cliffs, and shipwrecks.
  • Jet skiing in Santorini – Ride your Jet Ski and head to dreamy Santorini beaches, get in the very heart of the volcano and the Santorini Caldera, and watch the sunset from amidst the calm and crystal clear azure waters of the Aegean Sea. Just divine!
  • Parasailing in Santorini – One of the most popular parasailing tours is the one over Perivolos beach. However, you are, again, spoiled for choice as there are more than enough parasailing flights to choose from. In any case, you’ll have the unique opportunity to enjoy mind-blowing views of Santorini from around 100 metres high over the sea, either solo or with your partner or loved ones.
  • Kayaking in Santorini – Sitting in your kayak and visiting the Red Beach, White Beach, and Black Beach with their volcanic sand is pure magic. You will also be able to see spectacular sea caves, swim, capture panoramic views of sights like the Akrotiri Lighthouse and let the setting sun show you the way back to the shore.
  • Crazy Squab in Santorini – An adrenaline-filled adventure with lots of fun as you sit on an air couch and are given a super bouncy ride across scenic beaches. Always under the watchful eye of experienced skippers, feel free to choose the experience that suits you (easy or more extreme) and, well, enjoy the ride with your mates, family members, or soul partner!
  • Stand-Up Paddle in Santorini - SUP is becoming more popular by the minute, and Santorini is, indeed, a superb place to have this experience. So, hop on your SUP and paddle around the picturesque Santorini coastline. A perfect opportunity to entertain yourself, soak up fantastic views of the island, and, why not, even combine SUP with Yoga for the most relaxing experience ever!
  • Flyboarding in Santorini – Flyboarding is a super fun water activity that enables you to fly using the power of water, dive, and jump out of it whenever you feel like it. You just move your body to direct the fly board per your likes and savour an extraordinary sensation that combines diving and flying at the same time. Imagine hovering over transparent waters and diving into subwater caves only to rise back up to cloudless skies! 
A luxury hotel in Santorini overlooking the sea

Wow! What an exciting day! You can now return to your top luxury hotel at Imerovigli and pamper yourself with the world-class amenities and exclusive services provided. How about sinking in a spa-like treatment or treat your palate with delicious traditional Greek dishes and creative options? Whatever you choose to do after a water sports-related adventure in Santorini, it will surely have a different, more extraordinary taste to it – because that’s what Santorini is – magnetic and unique!

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