8 Amazing UK Holidays Ideal for Your Senior Relatives

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The United Kingdom is full of amazing sights and the good news is that many of these are perfect for senior citizens. Whether you are planning a much-needed getaway for your grandparents or an aunt has expressed a desire to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun, there are numerous options. Let us take a look at eight amazing destinations as well as what each has to offer.


The sheer size of Belfast ensures that there is something here for everyone. The majority of buildings are equipped with access for those with limited mobility and there are parks to leisurely explore. Notable attractions include Antrim Castle Gardens and the Titanic shipyards.


Devon is perfect for anyone who enjoys visiting heritage-based attractions. Sites such as Buckland Abbey and Powderham Castle are open throughout the year. Also, be sure to visit the nearby Devon seaside.


Home to one of the most famous universities in the world, Cambridge is certainly not to be missed. Its botanical gardens have been open since 1846 and they are suited for a relaxing afternoon walk. In terms of historic locations, it is wise to include the Fitzwilliam Museum within any trip. This institution will help to shed some light on the past of this amazing town.

The Lake District

Seniors who love the great outdoors should always make it a point to visit the Lake District. Not only is this region home to the largest national park in England, but a plethora of sightseeing tours are available during the warmer months of the year.

The Jurassic Coast

As the name hints, the history of this coastline can be traced back for millions of years. The Jurassic Coast is best to visit during the summer when the temperatures re more agreeable. While this represents more of a physical holiday, seniors will love the views as well as the fresh air.


Of course, London needs to be included within this list. From the London Eye and Trafalgar Square to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, this city attracts all age groups. London is particularly convenient for older visitors thanks to its dependable public transportation system.


Many will argue that Yorkshire is the most beautiful destination in the United Kingdom. A rugged coastline, rolling green hills and a host of historic castles all serve to define this landscape. The good news is that there are many tours specifically designed for senior citizens. However, be sure to make reservations well in advance.

Suffolk Beaches

Thanks to the location of these beaches, they tend to enjoy amenable weather throughout the year. Whether referring to a tranquil picnic in the dunes or a dip in the nearby crystal-clear waters, Suffolk should never be missed.

Are you curious to learn about additional destinations? If so, please contact the team at your friendly Somerset nursing home. We will be very pleased to provide our personal recommendations.

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