4 Tips to Choose a Safe Height-Adjustable Bar Stool

Safety is always the first thing we take into consideration when buying new items for the family. Well, sometimes we may be dazzled by the fancy designs or the fabulous looks then soon we may end up getting good-looking yet less-safe ones. I “blame” those myriad choices. To avoid that, I concluded 4 standards that help me get my safe height-adjustable bar stools and I hope they can help you get your ideal ones!

1. Get a Certified Height-Adjustable Bar Stool 

Height-adjustable bar stools excel in great versatility, functionality and cost-effectiveness compared with original ones. Thanks to the height adjustment achieved by a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder, these bar stools can be effortlessly customized to fit various users or bar/counter heights.

However, an unqualified cylinder is a great safety hazard. Besides low capacity and poor durability, it may also lead to serious consequences like explosions. Therefore, it’s necessary to check twice before buying a height-adjustable stool to make sure it’s passed some safety tests.

SGS BIFMA is one of the authoritative and most-seen safety tests on chair cylinders. It gives professional tests on the durability, swivel functionality, impact endurance and other functions for general purposes of cylinder-lifted chairs. Thus, ask the local shop clerks or the online customer service team if the bar stools you’re planning to buy are SGS certified, or you can check if there is an SGS stamp on the cylinder rod of your newly-come bar stool.

2. Choose a Wider and Heavier Base

Always go for the bar stool with a large and heavy base. You definitely don’t want a bar stool whose seat is heavier than its base since it’s poor in stability and may easily tip over whilst getting on and off the stool.

A wider and heavier base increases the contact area between the pedestal and the ground while offering a stronger foundation to the whole structure. Based on the laws of gravity, this kind of base can achieve the best stool stability, reducing the risk of tipping over.

3. Anti-Scratch & Anti-Slip Solution

To guarantee strength and safety, most of the height-adjustable bar stools have a metal base. However, the metal base may easily leave circular marks, scratches, scuff on the wood/ceramic/vinyl floor without any protection. Besides that, the bare metal base has little friction due to its smooth surface so it may be slippery to some degree.

To avoid these undesired situations, it’s better to choose a bar stool with anti-scratch and anti-slip solutions. The solutions don’t need to be high-techy nor fancy, normally, a rubber ring could work just effectively and economically. With rubber padding, the rim of the metal base can be less destructive and the stability of the structure can be upgraded thanks to the softness and good grip of the rubber.

4. The Finishing

The finishing of the base also plays an important role in the overall safety of a stool. It affects the strength and durability of the metal base. The most-seen bar stool base finishing techniques are chrome plating and powder coating. You may see no big difference between them in the short term, but they may reveal themselves in the long run.

Powder Coating

Chrome Plating

Price: Chrome Plating > Powder Coating
Durability: Chrome-Plated Metal > Powder-Coating Metal
Scratch Resistance: Chrome-Plated Surface > Powder-Coating Surface
Corrosion Resistance: Chrome-Plated Surface> Powder-Coating Surface


In a nutshell, you may stick to the four tips when choosing a height-adjustable bar stool – does it have an SGS-certified cylinder, does it have a wider and heavier base, does it have any anti-scratch and anti-slip solution, and what finishing technique does the base apply. Dangers sometimes lie in the details, but they can’t do anything if you are fully prepared!

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