3 Ways to Keep Learning as an Adult

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As you get older, you start to hear alarming warnings about the necessity of ‘keeping the mind fresh.’

It’s an ominous phrase that implies a multitude of ailments, and along with it, the dreaded promise of old age.

But getting older isn’t such a bad thing – quite the opposite! As we age, we become wiser (hopefully) and start to understand more fully what we want from life.

And learning new things isn’t simply about preserving the mind. Instead, it’s a chance for us to find new ways of enjoying life, and to explore avenues we hadn’t yet previously discovered.

With that in mind, these are just three easy ways to keep learning as an adult and a parent.

1. Read more

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Let’s start small – we all know we should read more, right?

Not only is it good for our mental health and wellbeing, research suggests it can also be good for our physical health too.

You may already be someone who enjoys a good book from time to time, in which case it may be worth trying out an exciting reading challenge to broaden your horizons.

But if you’re someone who hasn’t picked up a book since high school, finding one that grabs your attention can be a challenge in its own right. If that’s the case, take it back to basics. Turn reading into an activity you enjoy with your children – even simple picture books give us an opportunity for quality time, and can capture the imagination at any age! Not only will it support your children in their reading journey, but you’ll learn the everyday magic of a good story.

2. Try a musical instrument

A person playing an electric guitar

If you’re a busy parent, chances are you don’t have time to hone your skills as a virtuoso.

And when it comes to the investment of a musical instrument (beyond the financial), you may not have the cash to fork out for pricey lessons, nor the space for a grand piano – or indeed, the patience to practice your guitar skills day in, day out.

However, there are plenty of much smaller instruments you can enjoy that require much less commitment but will give you just as much enjoyment. A ukulele has only four strings, and countless songs that can be learned in just a day with minimal effort – and you can acquire one relatively cheaply, too.

3. Take an online degree

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Traditional learning paths are often closed off to busy parents, particularly those who work full time.

After all, it requires a huge time commitment and a complete shake up of your schedule, right?

Not necessarily. With online degrees from institutions such as ARU Distance Learning, you can learn flexibly in ways that suit you, and further your personal development. Learn new skills in your industry, or master a whole new trade with cutting edge courses such as their Digital Marketing BSc to futureproof your skills.

There are many ways to continue learning as an adult. The secret is to keep your mind open, and find joy in new knowledge wherever you can.

*This is a collaborative post*

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