When Should You Apply To Extend A Visa?


Two toy figures with suitcase stood on top of a passport

How to extend discretionary leave to remain? Has your visa expired, however, you would like to remain in the country? Lots of individuals find themselves in this place. They do not want to return to their home country, so they need to apply for entry clearance so they can subsequently have a possibility of coming back. Other individuals have created their life and also a family in the nation and don't want to give this up. There are then people that desire a better standard of living. There are numerous motives for desiring to stay once your visa has expired, and the great news is if this applies to you then you might have your wishes granted by applying for discretionary leave to remain. Keep reading to find out more regarding the procedure and ways to remain in the nation with this particular application...


8 Best water sports to try at Santorini

A street in AKROTIRI, Santorini

Santorini is known worldwide for its absolutely heart-stopping sunsets. However, the Queen of the Cyclades also welcomes visitors to pristine, crystalline waters. Combined with the volcanic landscape (both above the water and below), wild beauty, and the unique scenery that characterises the island, one can understand that any kind of water sport gets a different flair than anywhere else. For that reason, you will find plenty of water sports facilities along the Santorini coastline offering lessons, equipment, and guidance. Even if you are an amateur, trying a water sport will make your Santorini luxury holidays the most complete experience! Here are some ideas to boost your Santorini endeavours.

You Know You are Addicted to Gaming When…

Two people playing a football video game on a PS4

I can’t lie, our house is a house full of gamers and we are addicts. We have multiple consoles in the household and some of us have more than one console (cough, cough it might be me *full disclosure* ok you twisted my arm, I admit it. It’s me) and we all love nothing better than to lose ourselves in our favourite games. We are not alone in our love of gaming as most of our family and friends love their games too and by looking on social media and YouTube you can see that there are even more people out there who are love their games too.


Parental Pointers To Ensure Take Off On Your Child's Overseas Studies

As parents, our ability to support our children’s lifestyle choices is imperative to developing decent relationships and generally doing the right thing. Sometimes, this support comes in the shape of small gestures, like accepting questionable style choices. Other times, it relates to bigger-hitting topics, such as educational decisions like a desire to study abroad, which can often come out of the left field, and isn’t always as easy to adapt to.

3 long-lasting improvements to your body

A woman holding her hands in a heart shape at the sunset

‘Get that beach body ready this summer’ is a common marketing phrase you’ll hear all summer-long. Not only is it an unrealistic pitch for anyone whose work commitments preclude a vigorous exercise routine, but it glosses over the fact that a ‘beach body’ is a depressingly temporary feature that’s nearly impossible to maintain.


Celebrating The End of Term with Jack's Supermarket

Advertorial Feature

It’s Barbecue Time....

School’s out for summer and as the weather has been glorious all week we decided to celebrate with a barbecue. As the warmer weather moves in we will be having more and more meals al fresco. I don’t know about you but there is something relaxing about cooking and eating outdoors in the summer months. Sometimes we will have a big barbecue, like we have today another times we will just cook the meat on the grill and eat it with a salad or jacket potato.


Five Ways to Utilise Space in Your Studio Apartment


A view of inside a studio apartment

Typically, a studio apartment also known as a studio flat, bedsit or self-contained apartment / flat is an apartment where all typical rooms of a residence are contained in one single space.

Studio apartments are often small, but they can also be a great place to live. They are usually aimed at working / young people as they are in prime, central locations near offices and universities.

If you are thinking of buying a studio apartment, they can also be a great investment, once you are done living there you could rent it out or if you don’t want to live in a city full time you could just use it as your base for your job.


Overcoming the Elements With Gamma

A man and a woman wearing Gamma jackets walking in the snow

People who live in unpredictable climates struggle to choose the right outfit. Wearing only a t-shirt can be risky, as you never know when heavy rain might fall. Likewise, bulky jackets slow you down and can lead to profuse sweating.

A much preferable choice would be a waterproof garment that’s still light enough to keep you cool, and that’s where Gamma comes into play. It’s a graphene-infused, conveniently sized jacket that boasts excellent insulation. Here’s what makes it a great option for everyday use.


Decorating Ideas To Instantly Add Character To Your New Build

A cream sofa with teal cushions

A commonly discussed downside to new build homes is their lack of character. Compared to an old Victorian property for example, new builds lack the obvious history, high ceilings, and quirky designs. But that’s not to say they’re a bad option to buy—far from it. Customisability and design input during the building process, as well as the structural warranties and higher levels of safety make new builds popular choices. But how can you keep your new build from falling into the trap of looking a bit too much like a show-home? Check out our tips below for some inspiration!

Changing Your Life In a Post-Covid World

A person applying hand sanitiser

Life has changed dramatically in the last few months, and as a result, our lifestyles have been turned upside down. There have been some significant benefits from this, but a lack of focus in certain areas may cause us to feel depressed and less than our best.

That is entirely reasonable. After all, no one could have predicted what the world has been through in the last eighteen months, and our futures remain uncertain in terms of our way of life and the threat of the virus spreading, despite lockdown restrictions finally lifting. However, given the circumstances, we can ensure that we do everything we can to feel our best.


How to Create a Home Office on a Budget

A home office set up consisting of a computer sat on a desk in front of the window

Last year we were all told, “if you can work from home, you must do so to stop the spread of Coronavirus”. Fast forward 19 months and many of us are still working from home with no plans to go back to an office environment.

Some people, like myself, have always worked from home so there is no change for us, however for others, like my brother-in-law, they have been given the option to permanently work from home and he is seriously considering it.

A home office means you can separate your work and home life and have a quiet place so that you are able to complete your work without the distractions that being at home can often have.


Why Companies Should Work With Bloggers and Influencers

An Influencer taking a flat lay photograph of some perfume

When people ask me about my job, I tell them that I’m a blogger as that is exactly what I am. I don’t see myself as an influencer (although many would probably say that bloggers are). I’m often met with a surprised look and even more so when I tell them that I earn a good income from my work. I’m not sure why this is, and I’ve never really given it much thought, to be honest.

3 Ways to Keep Learning as an Adult

An open note book sat in front of a laptop and white coffee cup

As you get older, you start to hear alarming warnings about the necessity of ‘keeping the mind fresh.’

It’s an ominous phrase that implies a multitude of ailments, and along with it, the dreaded promise of old age.

But getting older isn’t such a bad thing – quite the opposite! As we age, we become wiser (hopefully) and start to understand more fully what we want from life.


Making a Video Game Themed Bedroom on a Budget

A boy playing on a Nintendo Switch

Children’s tastes change often as they grow Sometimes, they like the same things for a long time, but sometimes they change their minds more often than they change their socks. This can be influenced by their parents, siblings, friends, and the TV programmes that they watch.

This can often mean a lot of guilt and expense for parents who want to always please their children. When they are small often it is the parents who make the choices regarding their toys, clothes, and décor within the home. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like decorating, so I have always tried not to follow trends and go for the things we like rather than “in the now”.

Teaching Your Child to Safely Use the Internet

A child looking on the internet on a black laptop

The age at which children are introduced to technology seems to be getting lower and lower, which is great in many ways but can also be a cause for concern. After all, there are many risks lurking online and youngsters are being exposed to inappropriate content more often than one would like. With that said, it’s absolutely crucial for parents to discuss internet safety with their children from a young age and on a regular basis. Here is some advice from a private school near London.

Helping Your Child Develop their Gross Motor Skills

A small boy using a bowling aid in a bowling alley

Motor development is basically the strengthening and growth of a child’s muscles, bones and generally their ability to move and touch things. Fine motor skills require the use of the small muscles in the hands, fingers, wrists and are required to carry out everyday tasks, like tying shoes or handling a pen. Gross motor skills, on the other hand, involve the bigger muscles in the arms, legs and torso, that allow us to walk, run, throw, kick, skip etc. Parents should try and find ways to help their children develop these skills, so I have teamed up with an independent school in London to share some advice.


How to Raise an Inquisitive Child

A number of children sat on the floor around a teacher, some of the children have their hands up

An inquisitive nature will provide many benefits to your child’s learning and development. It will also help them to feel more confident and increase their feelings of competency. Curious children are more likely to enjoy school, especially subjects like science and geography, where they can experiment and learn more about the world. There are many ways that parents can develop their child’s curiosity and get them asking more questions. Here are some great ideas from an independent college in Bath on how you can raise an inquisitive child…


How Do My Child's Lifestyle Choices Affect their Education?

A pile of books on the ground next to a red disposable coffee cup

Research suggests that healthy lifestyle choices can support your child’s academic performance. This is why it is crucial for parents to encourage their children to eat nutritious food, get plenty of sleep and take part in daily exercise. To help your child make better lifestyle choices here is some helpful advice from an independent school in the City of London.


A Few of the Things to Consider Before Bringing a Dog into Your Home

A golden retriever puppy looking to the left with a blue bowl nearby

There is a reason for the saying that a dog is mans best friend. They are loyal, they offer companionship, and they can often give some people a reason to live.

We have always had dogs in our home, and I honestly do not know where we would be without one here. At the minute we only have one dog but until recently we have always had two. We are undecided if we will get another dog or a puppy at the current time, but it is certainly something we will consider in the future.

If you are considering adding a dog to your family for the first time, there are a few things you should consider before making the leap.


Quick-Step to Perfection

a white bathroom suite sat on grey title effect vinyl flooring

Are you constantly looking for the right colour and feel for your home? It always feels like you need to know that anything you choose must be able to withstand all of the changes you have the urge to place through your home.

Whilst many home design options present style and sophistication, items that can last upwards of twenty years are very slim. However, if one option could go that far it would be luxury vinyl flooring.

Here's How To Feel Younger And More Energised

Have you been feeling down lately and drained? You might even feel as though you are aging before your time. Here are some of the steps that you can take to get things back on track.