Which is the Best Type of Wood for a Bed Frame?


Everyone understands how essential a durable and sturdy bed frame is however, what is sometimes overlooked in importance is the style and aesthetics, which gives it its overall appeal and individuality.

Choosing the best wood for your frame is an unbelievably difficult choice because of the wide variety of options provided. We need to educate ourselves about the best type of wood to ensure satisfaction with the products we buy.
We spend around a third of our lives asleep! Surely this means you deserve a high-quality frame to support high quality sleep. Wooden bed frames offer the ideal solution to support you for an extended period of your life.


Hardwood is the ultimate versatile option that can be used to offer a bespoke finish to any bedroom. If you are interested in owning a high-quality handcrafted piece of furniture, then Hardwood is undoubtedly the most suitable material for your bed frame. The wide variety of Hardwood available on the market makes it accessible to the needs of every individual.

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  • BIRCH - Typically light tanned or white, making it appropriate and easy to match many modern designed rooms.
  • OAK - A unique and exotic wood option that is very strong and dense, making it the perfect choice for people wanting a reliable and durable bed frame for a significant period.
  • POPLAR - Easily crafted and therefore can be made into many appealing designs. It has a light tan and a well-developed grain, giving each piece of poplar wood its own original look.


Derived from coniferous trees, which are faster growing trees, there will not be distinct grains on the wood. Meaning that they are cheaper than Hardwood.

They are also less durable than Hardwood. A significant benefit of softwood is that it is easily workable.

Pine is the most widely used softwood type, renowned for its exceptional versatility and affordable prices. Pine is typically grown in plantations and comes in a wide variety of shades and colours.



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Although, like with all softwoods, you must factor in that they will not last as long as those made with hardwood bed frames.

Hopefully, with this information, the bed buying process will be made drastically more accessible, removing any unneeded stress from the process of getting your dream bed. It is a necessary and crucial part of the room’s d├ęcor, so it’s usually such a challenging process. Because of how vital it is, you might also take the time to carefully pick the exact frame that matches the style you like.

It is widely debated which is the best wood for a bed frame. Hardwood is undoubtedly preferable due to its durability.

Many bed manufacturers use inexpensive versions of Hardwood to offer customers affordable prices and have workable material to maximize the number of products that can be made. Some will argue that oak is the best wood as it has brilliant properties such as its durability and overall resistance against rotting, making it probably the most trusted and reliable type of wood for bed frames.

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