Real Sapphire Rings Versus Fake

Four small Sapphire gem stones

Real sapphires are – unfortunately – very difficult to distinguish from fake sapphires. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s impossible to discern whether the antique sapphire ring you just inherited is the real deal or an imposter.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can test the validity of your sapphire.


Things you can do in London without breaking the bank

A view of the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames in London

For many of us being in Lockdown for the last year and a half is something that none of us would have ever expected to happen or want to happen again. With the lockdowns, our lifestyles have changed and I imagine for many of us going out and enjoying life post-pandemic is going to take us a while to adapt to.

Going to the shops and having someone within 2 meters to us can make us feel anxious so when the idea of travelling to London came up I shot it down straight away. However, as more of us are getting vaccinated it feels like it's the right time to start venturing out further and enjoying life again.

Today we will look at some of the things you can do in London without breaking the bank while being as safe as possible from COVID.

Visiting KEW Gardens

Being outside is one of the safest ways of keeping away from others while statistically giving yourself the lowest chance of catching the virus. Kew Gardens also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens has acres of space to help with this. It has over 50,000 flowers and plants for you and your family to explore and the price of a ticket compared to other attractions in London is low.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is home to the Queen of England and doing a tour of the palace is a great way to spend the day. Although you are indoors some of the tour gives you a chance to eat your lunch outside on the stunning grounds of the palace.

If you are interested in visiting the palace you will need to pre-book tickets beforehand because of all the covid restrictions in place they are running at a limited capacity.

If you can get tickets to visit the palace then be sure to bring your mask as you will be walking through the 19 staterooms which show some of the most beautiful decorations you will ever see.

Take a boat on the Thames

For the older readers and readers with families taking a boat down the Thames is something you will all enjoy. Some companies will offer food and dining while on your ride while other companies will offer a more exhilarating ride on a speed boat.

If you want to do something that is fun and doesn't cost a lot then check out some of the companies that offer boat rides on the Thames as it's good fun, outdoors and won't cost you too much money.

Bike tours

There are many different bike tours in London that you can do but one of the best ones I have come across is a London bike tour in the evening. London is a beautiful city and something about travelling on a bike with your loved ones with all the lights of the city showing is beautiful.

A bike tour often takes a few hours so if you are doing it with your family make sure everyone is old enough, physically fit enough and that you take enough food and drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

Bike tours usually start from £30 per person so be sure to do your research before embarking on one as you will want to compare what options are out there. When biking across London be careful as London is a busy city and the traffic can sometimes be dangerous.

Photography shoots in London

If you can think of an activity London probably has it. The beauty of London is that there are so many diverse people here that there is always something on offer that others may not have. If you fancy doing a bit of pottery, woodworking, ceramic tile painting or anything similar London will have someone who offers it. Photography shoots in London are up there with one of the most different activities I have ever done and if you want to feel like a VIP for the day then this is the activity for you.

Dress up and put on some wacky and wild outfits or wear your own and have professional photos in London with some of its most famous landmarks is a great way to enjoy your day out.

There are many photographers offering experience days like this so a simple Google search will pull them up. Once you find some options go through the photographers for looks and styles that you want and then get in touch with the photographer that you like the most.

A word of warning, the photography days don't cost too much but the photos afterwards can increase the price significantly.

Getting to the attractions

Getting around to the attractions in London wouldn't be tough usually but in a COVID19 world, most of us don't want to use the trains or tubes. If you are in this category I would recommend driving to them if you can or by using a private taxi service. You could also use an Uber.

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What to Wear This Summer

woman walking on beach wearing a white floral dress

With summer fast approaching, it is time to have a look at your social calendar for the months ahead and have a think about what outfits you are going to wear. For many of us, the thought of finding the right outfit after so long at home in loungewear can be anxiety-provoking. But with the world opening back up again, it is important that you do not hide away at home simply because your wardrobe isn’t up to scratch.

So, we have put together this helpful guide of what to wear this summer. No matter what the occasion (or the weather!) we can help you put together the perfect outfit which will help your wardrobe come back with a bang.

When out for brunch

While you may know what to wear when the dress code is set for you, for more casual occasions such as a brunch date with your friends finding the right outfit can be a bit more difficult. This is the sort of event that you want to make an effort for but also want to keep casual. The first thing you should remember when it comes to a summer brunch outfit is that you need to make sure you are comfortable. It can be all too tempting to wear a dress that is restrictive and looks great. However, this could be a decision you could later regret after a meal out.

Brunch offers you the perfect opportunity to combine a comfortable but fashionable outfit that reflects your personality. For example, if you are a casual and cute kind of person then you may decide to go for a summer maxi dress, denim jacket, and flat shoes. Or if you want to ramp it up a bit then you may go for a smart blouse with heels. Either way, make sure that you feel comfortable so that you can focus your attention on catching up with your pals instead of whether you should undo your top button!

When at a summer wedding

Finding the right outfit for a wedding can be far from straightforward, especially when there are so many clothing rules to adhere to. Not only should you never wear white to a wedding, but you also don’t want to upstage the bride by going over the top either. Weddings can be long days, so you need to think about this when putting your outfit together. For example, if the weather is going to be nice, then you need to ensure that you wear something cool, and perhaps take a jacket in case it gets colder later in the evening.

While you may prefer to wear heels to make your outfit look a bit dressier, you should also consider popping a pair of flats in your bag. Even if this sounds a bit much, by 10pm your feet will thank you for it.

When at home relaxing

Just because lockdown is coming to an end and summer is on its way doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some relaxing days in the comfort of your own home. While thick knit jumpers and loungewear were the perfect clothes to wear around the house, in summer it can get a bit too hot. So we recommend that you invest in some stylish summer house pieces, such as women co-ord sets. Not only are they super comfortable to wear and will keep you cool on a hot day, but they are also stylish enough that you don’t have to quickly change if someone knocks on your door or drops by unannounced.

When at garden parties

With some restrictions on social activity still in place, more people are swapping their indoor events for garden parties this summer. So we recommend that you have a few outfits up your sleeve ready for any occasion. Garden party outfits are pretty straightforward as you can wear whatever makes you feel the best. Whether you prefer a midi dress and sandals or a pair of denim shorts with a floral top tucked in, a garden party gives you the freedom to wear anything. However, we do recommend that you take a jacket with you for later in the evening as even the warmest days can start to get chilly.

When on date night

The concept of a date night may feel a little strange after the last 12 months, but do not panic if you have a date evening scheduled. Forever Unique has a range of different date night outfits that you can wear when out with your other half. From the classic little black dress to a floral smock midi, you can wear whatever makes you look and feel great this summer.

Finding the right outfit for you to wear this summer doesn't have to be as complicated as you might think, and by following our tips and advice you can have a range of stylish options to suit any occasion.

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7 Summer Day Trips for Under 5's to Support Learning

Are you hoping to head out and about with your little one this summer? Not only will children enjoy a casual day trip, but they can also learn new skills along the way. Let's take a look at seven ideas to keep in mind now that the weather has become more agreeable.


Top 4 Mistakes Bloggers Make

a woman writing in a notebook with a cup in her other hand

A Statista survey reveals that 40% of UK bloggers have approximately 1000 web guests and 10,000 visitors on their platforms monthly. That is a huge number to consider when you’re managing your blog. Unfortunately, Statista also discovered that more bloggers commit avoidable mistakes. Hopefully, you will learn to avoid these mistakes as you read on.

Ignoring SEO

Unfortunately, this is a topical area some bloggers seem to ignore. If you knew the benefits SEOs bring to your blog, you wouldn’t toy with this impressive marketing tool. For example, optimising your blog builds traffic to your site, improves profit margins and increases your online rankings. Indeed, search engine optimisation may seem like an arduous online task reserved for an SEO Company. However, you will find it valuable to learn all you can about it.

Irregular or infrequent posting

As a blogger, it’s essential to post high-quality and engaging content to wow the public frequently. Unfortunately, some bloggers fall short of this essential requirement because they believe that not many people will notice their inconsistency. It’s better to set regular posting schedules whether your blog is read or not. By doing this, you would set a consistent trait your readers will associate you with.

Depending on the type of blog yours is, a maximum of four or five new posts weekly is enough to generate and sustain interest. However, if your blog borders more on an entertainment angle, you should be ready to write approximately ten posts per week due to its vibrancy and naturally appealing element to human psychology.

Choosing a blog name with no growth prospects

First of all, the blog name you chose for your platform must last for the entire period you intend to run it. It must be a well-thought-through name able to accommodate growth and brand expansion. For example, if you decided to start a blog to document your trip in Spain and therefore chose the name ‘SpainDiaries,’ how does that continue when you return to your home country? Does that spell an end to the blog? These are critical factors to consider before running with a blog name.

Not getting self-hosted

To some extent, people may understand why you chose a free hosting account if your blog is just for friends and family. However, if you meant for your blog to be on a broader scale, a free hosting account doesn’t cut it. Your best deal is to get self-hosted. According to experts, it is best to do this initially to avoid the inconvenience of moving your content from one platform to the other. In addition, self-hosting holds more benefits and opportunities than a free account. Moreover, if you want your readers to regard you as a professional blogger, self-hosting is the way to go.

In conclusion, although the above is not an exhaustive list, it gives you a fair idea of mistakes to avoid as a blogger. Furthermore, never underestimate your reading audience. Thanks to digital literacy, people are more discerning about what an excellent blog must be.

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Reducing The Clutter In Your Home: Ideas For Busy Parents

A woman moving lots of boxes and clutter

Unfortunately, it is easy for your house to become cluttered with all of your belongings, especially if you have children. When your house is full of your family’s clutter, it can begin to look messy and unorganised. It can also be difficult to keep on top of this clutter, causing your house to look even messier. If you are looking to reduce the clutter in your house to make more room for you and your children, then here are a few simple tips that you can follow.


Why Spices and Pepper Mills Are Useful

Utilizing fresh herbals is the best idea if you want your mill to be healthy and tasty. There are lots of benefits of having fresh spices and herbs in our food. They help to keep the taste and nutrients in the best natural state. That is where the concept of the mills comes to every home. Previously the Mills were seen and used by chefs only in big restaurants. But now you can find the spice mill like salt and pepper mills in every table.


What You Need To Have A Great Summer Party


inflatables in a pool in the summer

Current covid rules* allow for 30 people to meet outdoors this is great news for anyone who has a celebration planned in the coming months. Just be mindful that if you are planning an indoor celebration only 6 people or two households are permitted to meet up.

Next month we celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. As we got married in New York we did not have a big party with our family and friends. This was always the plan as neither of us likes to be the centre of attention and shy away from things like that in general. However, we did say that we would have an informal party for everyone to get together for our first anniversary. Lockdown had other plans and our party could not take place.


It's Always Fun To Be Outdoors

a number of canal boats docked in a canal

To say that the last year and a half has been hard on everyone is an understatement, but I think it has probably been harder for our children than us. We can rationalise what is happening / what has happened as we have access to the information first-hand whereas they have had to hear it from grownups and had to adjust to not being able to go to school or socialise with their friends until very recently. This has certainly been a time of confusion and upset for many youngsters.


Get Into Your Summer Groove With Femmeluxe

How lovely has the weather been recently? I don’t know where you live but here in Yorkshire it has been absolutely glorious – which for half term (and a Bank Holiday weekend) is a rarity in itself as normally the weather is miserable and only nice when the kids are in school.

The good news is that it looks like the good weather is here to stay for a little longer too, which in my opinion is only a good thing – I feel so much better when the sun is shining. I would even be as brave as to say that summer is finally here and here to stay for a while longer. Long may it last I say.


Which is the Best Type of Wood for a Bed Frame?


Everyone understands how essential a durable and sturdy bed frame is however, what is sometimes overlooked in importance is the style and aesthetics, which gives it its overall appeal and individuality.

Choosing the best wood for your frame is an unbelievably difficult choice because of the wide variety of options provided. We need to educate ourselves about the best type of wood to ensure satisfaction with the products we buy.


6 Mistakes People Make When Buying Furniture

Buying furniture can be great fun. Large pieces of furniture are often what complete a room, or what gives it purpose. A large dining table, for example, means that you can throw elaborate dinner parties. A big slouchy sofa can be an easy way to create a relaxing and peaceful lounge. But buying furniture can also be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. That’s why so many people rush in and make a purchase without giving it careful thought. Here’s a look at some of the most common mistakes that people make when buying furniture, to help you avoid them.


Things To Include In Your Summer Skincare Routine

a woman in the bath looking at her face in a mirror

As the seasons change so should our skincare routine. I don’t know about you, but I can tell when the weather is going to change by the appearance of my skin. In the colder months it is very dry and flaky and in the warmer months it becomes very oily and greasy, this is when I’m more prone to spot breakouts too and as a woman who is nearer 40 than 30, I can’t tell you how annoying this is especially as a teenager, my skin was really good and I rarely had any problems with spots at all.

To keep our skin looking and feeling its best we need to make sure we are giving it everything it needs. As the weather gets nicer and the temperatures start to rise there are a few things we can do to keep our skin feeling its best these include.