What Are the Fitness Benefits of CBD?

As more people realise the benefits of CBD, they are starting to explore the different areas in which they can use it. One of the areas that has caught a lot of people’s attention is the use of CBD in fitness. There is evidence from those who combine exercising and CBD oil use that CBD oil does have some health benefits and that it improves fitness and helps with recovery after exercise. So, what are the fitness benefits of using CBD oil?

Pain Management
One of the ways CBD oil is being used by athletes and in fitness is in pain management. This pain is often a cause of inflammation of the muscle tissues and joints. If you work out regularly, you already know that inflammation occurs after a workout session and that it is often the limiting factor when it comes to how much exercise you can do. Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help ease the pain that comes with this inflammation.

Studies have also shown that CBD has direct pain-relieving properties through its interaction with pain receptors in the body.

Aiding Better Sleep
Sleep is important for a lot of reasons, but one of the more prominent ones is that it helps us recover which in turn means we can work out and perform better the next time around. It therefore follows that if CBD can help sleep us better, it can help improve our performance, thereby helping us hit our fitness goals.

Research has shown that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain to help us sleep better. Apart from these studies, there is evidence that drops containing CBD used before sleep can help us get more and better quality sleep. CBD sleep drops from retailers like Handpicked CBD also contain botanicals like butterfly pea flower and lavender, which have been shown to help us relax and prepare our brains for sleep. Handpicked CBD sells the best CBD oil UK products from the best brands in the world, with users rating them as the number one CBD oil and CBD oil retailers in the UK.

Helping With Muscle Recovery
Workouts and strenuous exercise both cause tiny tears in the muscle tissue. These tears can trigger inflammation, which causes the pain discussed above. When this happens, the body has to go into recovery to repair these tears and the associated damage.

While this is a normal process, pushing your body too hard can cause injuries and reduce fitness gains. For recovery from workouts that cause this level of damage and inflammation, CBD oil can help cut down the recovery time by helping reduce inflammation.

Improved Metabolism
If one of your fitness goals is to bulk up, CDB can help in two ways. First, CBD has been shown to increase metabolism which can help you shed excess fat from your body. Second, CBD has also been shown to increase your appetite so you can eat more and if you eat a healthy, balanced diet, it gets easier to hit your fitness goals.

Although CBD has been used in other areas such as in the treatment of seizures and anxiety, it is not being used in fitness. You can try CBD products to see the fitness benefits outlined above.

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