How to Prepare for a Gatsby Party

The concept of a Gatsby party has likely been a popular concept since the 1925 release of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. After the 2013 release of the movie adaptation, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Gatsby parties soared in popularity. If you’re looking to throw it back to a time long before Covid, read on for tips on how to prepare for a Gatsby Party. Remember to wait to throw your Gatsby party long after Covid.

Let’s start with the room.

The Room
Obviously, the right atmosphere is absolutely key to getting a Gatsby party right. You want your guests to feel as if they have been transported back to a time before social distancing and the various struggles of 21st century living.

Art Deco epitomises the styles of the Gatsby era. The 1920s was a celebration of a booming economy in the West, and the d├ęcor should reflect this luxury. Rich colours like purple, green, and red can be paired with black, white, silver, and gold to create high-society-approved decorations.

Centrepieces of plumage like ostrich feathers, together with strings of pearls create the necessary decadence for a Gatsby party, whether they’re on the tables, the walls, or used as a focal point of the party space. If you feel so inclined – and you can spring for it – a champagne tower is always welcome (even if it’s just a little one).

The Music
For a true Gatsby party, the music has to be some form of jazz. You can opt for the ‘true’ Jazz era music, playing genuine early-20th-century jazz and swing music, or you can go somewhat alternative. The director for the glittering motion picture, Baz Luhrmann, opted for something quite different for the soundtrack to his masterpiece adaptation.

Covers of tracks contemporary to the film’s release, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and others, were used to create a very distinctive atmosphere for the film. Some of the tracks used had a 1920s style to them, while others were almost entirely modern. The music for your own Gatsby party, whether it be a pre-made playlist or a live band, can be a blend of these styles.

Live jazz bands playing modern music can get the right atmosphere for people to dance however they want and enter that ‘nether-realm’ between the Gatsby fantasy and the party reality.

The Outfit
Themed parties like this do usually have an outfit requirement. You can obviously opt for fancy dress and have people in flapper dresses and feather headbands. Black-tie is 100% the way to go, however, with the gentlemen attendees (and likely some of the ladies too) dressed in fine tuxedos, and the ones preferring dresses being advised that they should opt for something suiting of the 1920s high glamour style.

For your own outfit, you need to add some sparkle. You want to stand out as the host, the ‘Gatsby’ to this party, if you will. can be your best friend here, regardless of the way you like to dress. Feminine styles like fringed, drop-waist flapper dresses are complimented by diamond-studded Art Deco brooches. At the same time, the lapel of a tuxedo looks stunning with an Art Deco brooch pinned to it.

The beauty of Art Deco jewellery comes from its architectural structures. Often, symmetrical, repeating patterns made up of simple geometric shapes like triangles and squares are compiled to create jewellery that is neither masculine nor feminine, and thus can compliment all those who wish to stand out.

The Entertainment
The final thing to ensure you get right is the entertainment for your party. Dancers, singers, set pieces, and aerial artists are examples of ways you can keep your guests entertained. You can stay in-theme by having dancers proficient in popular ‘20s dances like the Charleston. Perhaps even hire an instructor who can lead your guests in a demonstration so that everyone can go home having learned something new.

Aerial artists are always stunning to behold, and while they might be a little anachronistic – generally believed to be invented in the 1990s – the over-the-top beauty and decadence of them is the perfect addition to a Gatsby party. Your guests can be wowed and have plenty of photo opportunities with entertainment like this on board.

With all this in mind, you’re beyond ready to start preparing for your own Gatsby party. Now approaching its 100th birthday, the story of The Great Gatsby focuses on how rampant materialism and capitalism motivates and undoes various characters, but – after a year like this one – there’s nothing wrong with focussing on the beauty of materialistic virtues like throwing a beautiful party for your loved ones. Good luck!


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