How to Prepare for Your Annual Spring Clean

Spring cleaning time is almost upon us, with the day before Good Friday often kicking off the event and causing us all to grab our dusters and get stuck in. This is a time to schedule your annual deep clean that will boost your mood and remove any allergens hanging around that might have built up in your home. Although it is called a spring clean, there is no need to stop at general cleaning duties, since this is a great occasion for a fresh start and taking stock of any updates that should be made around your home. Here are four ways in which you can prepare for your upcoming spring clean.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter
Clutter can accumulate anywhere in your home, from too many clothes in your wardrobe to overflowing sideboards in your living room, items just seem to keep getting put out of sight and out of mind. Nevertheless, clearing out the items that you know will not be used in the coming year is a great way to give yourself a head start on your spring cleaning. This way your house will begin to look tidier and more organised, and you’ll often uncover areas that would have been otherwise ignored when deep cleaning.

Check Your Electrical Appliances 
Electrical appliances in the household such as toasters, hairdryers and computers are used on a daily basis and therefore can be overlooked; however, it is important for your online protection, and physical safety that these items are in a good, useable condition. An EICR Report from Electrical Safety Certificate will be able to tell you whether your electrical circuits are in good condition and are safe to use without the risk of electric shock. It is generally a good idea to get an EICR report from a qualified engineer or technician like Electrical Safety Certificate every five years since your electrics and cables will deteriorate over time.

Prepare All of Your Cleaning Products 
If you’re planning a complete overhaul by cleaning even the most hidden corners in your home, then you should go all out with the cleaning products to make sure you don’t need to do any last-minute runs to the supermarket during your designated cleaning day. Do an in-depth scan of your home at the same time as making a list of what products you might need as you go around the various rooms to make sure you don’t miss anything off your list.

Get All of Your Family Involved
Prepare your family by letting them know that they need to be free and available to help you with spring cleaning duties and make them aware that you will make it a fun event, with music and even plenty of tasty treats to help get them through the day. This way, you can teach your young children how to safely clean and make a family tradition out of it that they can hopefully take into adulthood.

Once you have taken these necessary steps, you can look forward to your stress-free cleaning day and enjoy a much tidier and organised home for the coming year.


  1. I haven't moved for 34 years but realise I will have to in the next decade as the family home is much too big and just the thought of packing is overwhealming!

  2. My husband and I spend one day a week tackling those cleaning jobs that aren't done on a weekly basis, such as cleaning the tall windows in the hallway, which needs 2 people to do it safely.