Budget Friendly Packed Lunches from Jack's Supermarket

Advertorial Feature

With schools going back last week, I am slowly getting back into the routine of getting the kids up, making packed lunches, and doing the school run. These last few months have been a hard slog, so it's nice to get back into some form of routine. 

With this in mind, Jack's Supermarket have recently launched a ‘Homeschool Fuel Inspiration’ meal plan where you could pick up breakfast, snacks and lunch items for one child for 5 days for under £15. Great for helping to get back into a routine again, knowing you have all the kid's food ready for the week, and to show that meal planning on a budget doesn't have to be boring.

Whilst doing my weekly shop, I decided to try Jack's out for packed lunch items, to give the kids something different to the regular boring lunches they've been having and to cater to my budget friendly shopping list. At Jack's you can get a huge range of great quality products all at outstanding value, so I knew I'd be able to find just what I needed to create a balanced, but yummy, dinner for the kids whilst they're at school. 

I decided, instead of boring sandwiches, to make wraps for their school pack ups. This gives them the same nutrients as sandwiches, but a varied option, and the kids love them. I made ham salad wraps this week, and they're so easy to do, so no hard slog before the school run.

Take one wrap and start layering with whatever you want inside it. I layered salad and ham together. The start rolling. It needs to be rolled quite tight for it to be able to hold its shape. I then cut each wrap in half and place in their lunch boxes. Simple and easy. 

The best thing about wraps is that you can add anything you want. Tomato sauce, cheese and cold deli meats for a take on a pizza is also a favourite of the kids, and one they like to have at home often. 

Once this main part of the dinner is done, it's a case of packing out their boxes with enough extras to get them through the day. I always like to add a yogurt, and Jack's have these strawberry yogurt drinks which I personally prefer. No need for spoons, just drink it from the bottle. 

A choice of fruit is always important too. I always add 2 types in, this week going for a red apple, and an orange, but usually mix up the fruit that is in their lunches from day to day. This way they are getting a varied range, and don't get bored with their meals. And with Jack's offering their Fresh 5 every week, it means there's always a deal to be had when it comes to buying fruit. 

What I also love about Jack's, is how they stock Britain's Favourite Brands at outstanding prices, with the range growing all the time. This meant that I could get some extras for their lunches to give them a treat. My children love cheese, so any sort of cheese snack always works well in their dinner. And obviously, the kids on school dinners get a pudding, so I always make sure my kids get one too, adding in a cake bar to give them a touch of sugar, once they've finished the rest of their dinner. 

Lastly, is the drink, My children's school don't allow pop, but they do allow flavoured water, so that's usually what I opted for, for the boys. Jack's flavoured water comes in three different flavours, but Thomas picked out the lemon and lime one for this week's pack ups. 

There really are some great bargains to be had. So, if you've got a local Jack's supermarket close by, you should pop in and what you can get for your kids back to school lunches. You'll be amazed by how far your money can go at Jack's Supermarket. 


  1. I wish we had a Jacks near us, I've heard such great things about it! x

  2. Some great ideas, I'm always surprised how quiet it is in Jacks.

  3. Be interesting to see if they ever open a Jack's near us, be good to check it out

  4. Some great suggestions, nice and easy.

  5. I make a soup in large batches as that works out even cheaper!

  6. I love these kind of stores - Fingers crossed one opens up near me as I'll be in there all the time!

  7. I had totally forgot about Jack's! I don't have one near me but sounds really good.