6 Simple and Enjoyable Ways to Bond with Your Children

Technology and busy lifestyles have become a thorn in the flesh for most families. With parents juggling jobs, children lost in their devices, rarely do family members find time to bond. All in all, the family remains the backbone of society.

From a strong co-existence at home, it is easier for individuals to fit and relate better with others. Here are six simple tips on how parents can help build fulfilling relationships with their children.

1. Encourage Technology Free Moments
Technology advancement has reduced human interaction immensely. It is common to spot family members in a restaurant, busy with their phones and not communicating. Given that children emulate the parents, behaviour change goes a long way in creating family memories.

As a parent, minimise the time you spend on your computer or phone. If possible suggest technology-free periods like a Sunday afternoon. Then, introduce bonding activities like storytelling, playing with toys that help development, and others.

2. Spare a Few Minutes Listening
During the day, children relate with different people at school. While some may be friendly, others scorn, command, or pull your child down. In such a situation, the home remains the only source of solace.

To help your children cope better with life, listen as they cry and vent. It does not take long to give an encouraging word, congratulate or wipe a tear. Sometimes, in less than five minutes, you can instigate a better parent-child relationship while making lifetime memories.

3. Introduce Family Custom
Observe what your family loves doing together and craft custom around them. For instance, if your family enjoys outdoor activities, you can introduce a twice-in-a-month walk to the park, and go on family adventures. To others, story reading to the children before bed goes a long way.

Remember that it does not have to be a complicated or pricey family tradition. A simple, enjoyable moment leads to better family connections.

4. Perform Chores Together
You can start with creating a chore’s list for everyone to participate in cleaning chores.

Take note of the family members with demanding schedules and work on favourable timings. The bottom line is to get family members to perform a task together.

Moreover, as you get your home clean, the activity fosters a spirit of togetherness. For instance, if you want to get your tiles sparkling, a combined effort is faster and more fulfilling. With most families struggling on how to clean grout from tiles, teamwork and effective sanitary products make it less complicated.

5. Volunteer as a Family
Creating time for others is a gratifying experience for everyone involved. Likewise, children get a chance to participate in an activity that exposes them to vulnerable people in society. That way, they may develop a more appreciative and empathetic personality.

For example, a day spent at the local orphanage as a tile grout cleaner makes a huge difference to the residents. Not only does volunteering reinstate the tiles condition, but also encourages bonding with the less disadvantaged.

6. Craft Mission Statements
This sounds too official, but it works in home settings as well. The idea behind this strategy is to set up your family's core values. Working on a similar pedestal brings family members together.

Simply and enjoyably, involve everyone in the project. This is an interesting activity to perform during the bonding moments. Once ready, you can display it in a prime corner for everyone to read and refer to it.

Prioritising on your children sets a strong foundation for your family. Even when laden with busy schedules, give them a few minutes of your time every day. Make it more enjoyable by creating family mission statements or performing tasks together. Bear in mind that setting a good example strengthens your family bonds and makes everyone happy.


  1. All lovely - very meaningful

  2. That's a great list! I know that "helping" my Mum and my Nan with the cooking and baking certainly helped me when I left home and started college. Some of my new friends at Uni couldn't even make beans on toast!